The 10 Most Popular Instagram Stories Influencers To Know

Top 10 Instagram Stories Influencers
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The Top 10 Instagram Stories Influencers Creating Stellar Content

Since its July 2016 launch, Instagram Stories has grown to an impressive 300 million daily active users. Stories are photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. However, with a recent update, Stories content is now archivable.

Influencers of many types are using Stories to connect with audiences through everyday lifestyle content offering a coveted inside look into each influencer’s lives and sponsored content. Though the feature originated on Snapchat, top influencers are now posting 2X as many Instagram Stories as Snapchat Stories.

Here we’ve broken down how ten social media stars, ranging from beauty and fashion influencers to YouTube’s top comedians, are using Stories to entertain audiences everywhere.

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1. Huda Kattan — 23 Million Followers

Beauty influencer turned entrepreneur Huda Kattan maintains an astonishing 23.8 million Instagram followers. Her start as a blogger has led to considerable social media success and the makeup company Huda Beauty, of which she is the founder and CEO.

Kattan creates highly engaging Instagram Stories consisting of swipeable links to recent Huda Beauty blog content, product recommendations, personal updates, and photos capturing her daily life, whether at the office or traveling.

The promise of getting a closer look at a day in the life of the successful beauty entrepreneur draws scores of Kattan’s fans to her Stories. Additionally, the inclusion of links in her Stories helps her drive traffic to her blog, allowing her to interact with engaged followers through multiple platforms.

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2. Lele Pons — 21 Million Followers

Venezuelan-American creator Lele Pons is best known for her hilarious slapstick comedy skits and energetic personality. Pons started on Vine but has since moved to Instagram and YouTube to connect with her growing audience.

Pons regularly creates YouTube and Instagram skits with a group of creators that includes Hannah Stocking, Rudy Mancuso, Twan Kuyper, and Juanpa Zurita. In conjunction, she uses Stories to showcase behind-the-scenes footage of her group of A-list influencer friends and promote their Instagram channels by linking them in Stories.

As one of Instagram’s largest and most well-known comedy influencers, Pons creates hilarious Stories that entertain millions. Collaborating with other top influencers and including them in her Stories is a strategy that helps the social star bring in additional viewers and further expand her broad audience.

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3. Zach King — 14 Million Followers

Enchanting digital magic tricks are Zach King’s trademark and arguably the source of his overwhelming Instagram success. His tricks take the form of Instagram videos, which he shares roughly once per week.

King’s familiarity with video translates seamlessly to the Stories format. On Stories, he publishes videos that feature shorter clips of digital magic tricks. He also uses the feature to share unedited, magic-free moments from his life.

By posting the same type of digital magic content that kickstarted his Instagram fame on Stories, King successfully keeps his followers engaged through the newer medium. Additionally, he appeals to his followers on Stories by providing them with the chance to get to know him on a more personal level.

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4. Amanda Cerny — 19 Million Followers

Vine star turned YouTube influencer Amanda Cerny is well known for her comedy sketches and collaborations with top influencers Logan Paul, King Bach, and more. Her Instagram page offers an amalgamation of inspirational musings and stylish images.

Similar to the way Kattan uses Stories to give fans a closer look at her exciting life, Cerny shares footage from photo shoots and upcoming projects on Stories. She also posts lip syncing videos and content that highlights personal milestones, such as moving into a new apartment, to connect with viewers on a more personal level.

Cerny has also leveraged Stories to explicitly promote the launch of her entrepreneurial endeavors. At the end of 2017, she created a secondary Instagram account, @cernyshop. Though details surrounding the account are sparse, Cerny has used Stories to both highlight the project and link to the account.

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5. Shay Mitchell — 17 Million Followers

Most famous for her role on the television series Pretty Little Liars, actress, model, and influencer Shay Mitchell maintains an astounding 17.9 million Instagram followers. Mitchell posts daily and offers a surplus of fashion and travel focused photos.

Mitchell is an avid Instagram Stories user, often publishing dozens of Stories in a single day. Her high posting frequency strengthens her connection with viewers by providing them with frequent updates about her daily life and activities.

Additionally, the glamorous actress and influencer has perfected the art of creating varied Stories content. She shares a combination of humorous, relatable Stories that highlight common experiences as well as polished shots that emphasize her social stature and appearances at exclusive events, parties and more.

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6. Logan Paul — 16 Million Followers

From original music videos to faking his own death, vlogger Logan Paul is creating some of the internet’s most outrageous content. Paul started on Vine and has become one of YouTube’s biggest stars, with two original Red Series to his name.

Paul uses Instagram Stories to offer fans a steady stream of dramatic and comedic video content between YouTube uploads. He has also been known to provide an early look at upcoming projects through Stories.

Paul’s Stories keep him at the top of fans’ minds in between vlog uploads by providing them with a surplus of content throughout the day. Additionally, he uses Stories as a vehicle to promote his acting projects in a highly palatable form.

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7. Liza Koshy — 15 Million Followers

An interview with President Barack Obama and a YouTube Red Original Series are just two of YouTuber Liza Koshy’s many accomplishments. The 21-year-old specializes in comedy skits and pairs highly stylized photos with equally funny captions on Instagram.

Koshy’s Instagram Stories offer the self-deprecating humor she is known for and function to provide viewers with familiar content and tease new ventures. She frequently shares humorous first-person footage of herself on the set of upcoming projects, drawing viewers in through behind-the-scenes content with her comedic signature.

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8. King Bach — 14 Million Followers

Considered to be one of the 10 biggest social media influencers of all time, King Bach is no stranger to Instagram success. The Canadian influencer regularly posts humorous memes and photos with friends on his Instagram feed.

Notably, King Bach uses Instagram Stories to highlight his personal connection with fans. In a recent Story, he encountered an Uber driver who had met him years prior and had a Facebook photo to prove it. Bach commemorated the moment with a video Story.

Bach also encourages fan engagement by posing questions to viewers within Stories using the text feature. By taking the time to interact with fans through Stories, Bach has built a reputation for being personable and approachable. As a result, he’s established a high level of trust with his audience.

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9. Chiara Ferragni — 11 Million Followers

Italian fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni started her blog, The Blonde Salad, in 2009 and has since expanded to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Her social media prowess has led to the development of her own shoe line, a Vogue cover, and a major partnership with Pantene.

The standout fashion Instagrammer regularly uses Instagram Stories to share links to the clothes and accessories she’s wearing. This tactic appeals to her fashion-focused followers, who are eager for details about her daily outfits, while simultaneously driving traffic to the websites of the large fashion brands she partners with.

At the same time, she shares more humanizing moments from her everyday routine to give viewers a sense of her life beyond fashion, keeping her millions of fans coming back for more.

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10. Zoella — 11 Million Followers

Though her first YouTube videos centered around fashion, British YouTuber Zoe Sugg now operates in a variety of niches. Her Instagram content encompasses lifestyle, fashion, and beauty content and reflects both her primary YouTube channel Zoella and vlog channel MoreZoella.

In Stories she bookmarks moments of her day for viewers, such as the outfit she’s chosen to wear or the TV show she’s watching, boosting fan engagement between YouTube and Instagram uploads.

Sugg is perhaps best known for her comfortability in front of the camera and candor with viewers across social media, characteristics that carry over seamlessly to her Stories. The social media maven comes across as personable and down to earth in her Stories, strengthening her relationship and credibility with her followers.

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