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Sponsored Instagram Posts 2016 Brand Marketing Guide

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Best Instagram Sponsored Posts Weekly Brand Series

In this week’s installment of our “Best Sponsored Instagram Posts” series, we examine two of our favorite recent Instagram campaigns. One, for the upcoming film The Finest Hours, and the other for Xfinity, a Comcast service. As traditional TV viewership decreases, we have seen a progressive uptick in the number of entertainment companies working with influencers to leverage their online relevance. These two campaigns are the most appealing and successful from the past few weeks.

If this is your first time tuning in for our Best Sponsored Instagram Posts weekly series, here’s what we have covered so far:

Be sure to read on for more about these two standout Instagram marketing campaigns, and check back next week for another installment of this brand guide series.

Best Sponsored Instagram Posts From Disney’s The Finest Hours

The Finest Hours, released by Disney, is set to hit theaters tomorrow. The movie, which stars Chris Pine and Casey Affleck, is based on the real-life adventure story of the 1952 Pendleton Rescue Mission. By collaborating with popular, well-followed adventure and travel photographers, the entertainment brand selects the right influencers to spread the word about The Finest Hours.

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The images are surprising and eye-catching, which is important for enticing viewers to stop scrolling and to take a closer look. The influencers also included their own adventures stories as caption text. The combination of storytelling and photography effectively speaks to the spirit and the larger-than-life aesthetic of the movie. What’s more, these travel influencers are followed by viewers with a sense of adventure and wanderlust–exactly the type of people who’d be attracted to see The Finest Hours.

  After watching the trailer for the new Disney movie “The Finest Hours” and getting a quick taste into the incredible odds they had to over come to escape a dangerous situation I am brought back to one of the scariest experiences of my life. Two winters ago me & four close friends went out to take some photos in Washington. Little did we know that things would have escalated quickly and that we almost lost one of the guys, & my close friend @Stephenalkire. We were venturing down a completely iced over section of dirt that we didn’t know was frozen over until it was too late. We were sliding down on our hands & feet, from tree to tree to make it to this beautiful look out over this river traversing through the mountains. Almost there, Stephen making his final sliding transition to the rest of the group missed the landing point & started to slide uncontrollably down the slope to a 30ft cliff with nothing but sharp rocks below that would currently injure, ruin, or even kill him. But thankfully he got caught in this small patch of bushes at the edge of the cliff before falling 30ft. It all happened so fast, we all were screaming to see if he was okay, which he was. We all were shaking up, but what was the most surprising thing was that he started to freak out because during that process of him sliding his wedding ring slipped off his finger as he was trying to grab any and everything for help. All he could say without any care of himself or what had just happened was, “my wife is going to kill me if we don’t find my ring”. After thirty minutes of looking for what would have been an impossible find, we found his ring, and all 5 of us climbed our almost frostbit bodies uphill out of the frozen and snowy mess we got ourselves in. In that moment, we almost lost one of our good friends because of a lack of planning and stupidity. We got lucky and stuck together and helped each other through a pretty wild moment that we five hipsters weren’t too familiar with. It felt like that was our Finest Hours type moment. I can’t wait to see #TheFinestHours movie and get a better understanding of how they overcame the odds through really radical and unpredictable moments. #sponsored   A photo posted by Joe Greer (DeKalaita) (@ioegreer) on

There’s this new movie coming out about bravery called The Finest Hours. And the folks at Disney know that I love telling stories, so they reached out to ask me to share a #sponsored (but honest) story of a time when I was brave. I instantly thought of the time I flew to Hong Kong a few years ago. I’d already traveled a lot in my short life, but always for photography work or with friends. Never alone to a place where I didn’t know anyone or didn’t know what to expect. I knew I wanted to go. I wanted to have this experience, push myself to be more independent, and stand outside my own comfort zone. But I was so nervous. What if something happened to me? What if I spent the whole time alone? What if it was all a waste of money? But I wanted to go. I remember it being 2am at my house when I forced myself to book my nonrefundable flights. After I clicked Confirm I felt a rush of confidence and bravery and then more nervousness. Excitement and fear. I was doing this. At that point I devoted myself to the opportunity. I started reaching out to friends of friends in Hong Kong. I learned a few phrases in Cantonese so I could ask for help from strangers and maybe communicate with taxi drivers. And when I landed, I was ready. My fear hadn’t gone away, but now it was the driving factor for making this the experience I wanted it to be. It was my fuel. And even when things went wrong (and plenty did), I’d take a breath and figure out a solution. The entire experience was incredible. I met people on the streets. I made friends. I created photos and told stories I was proud of. I learned how to navigate the subway system. I carried a paper map everywhere. At the end of my trip, I didn’t want to leave. I felt so so independent. So satisfied by setting a goal, not letting fear control me, and having a great experience. Sometimes you just have to get up and go. This isn’t the story of a time when I was fearless, because that’s not what bravery is. This is the story of a time when I didn’t let fear control me, because I knew that the experience I wanted to have would be worth it. Now I want to hear about your finest hours, the moments you were brave. #TheFinestHours A photo posted by Branden Harvey (@brandenharvey) on

Xfinity Appeals to Millennial Cord-Cutters With Instagram Marketing Campaign

As viewing habits have changed, so too have major cable companies’ offerings and the ways of marketing those services. More and more Millennials are forgoing traditional TV and adopting a “cord-cutter” lifestyle contributing to TV’s declining viewership rates. A shift in attitude and in media consumption is exactly why Xfinity–the cable company owned by the largest media conglomerate in America, Comcast–has turned to influencers to get their message out to a younger generation of TV-watchers. Most recently, the company teamed up with popular Instagrammers to announce the release of X1, their newest TV-viewing service. Xfinity launched the #realfansgetit campaign to draw attention to the powerful capabilities of the service.By collaborating with select influencers Marcus Johns, David Lopez, and Eh Bee Family, Xfinity’s Instagram marketing campaign generated hundreds of thousands of likes driving awareness and engagement for their new service launch. 

Mr. Monkey gets to pick what we watch tonight! #RealFansGetIt @xfinity X1 #ad A photo posted by Eh Bee (@ehbeefamily) on

The voice remote makes it easier for bae to pick her favorites on movie night #RealFansGetIt X1 @xfinity #ad

A photo posted by Marcus Johns (@marcusjohns) on

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