Instagram Promotion Brand Spotlight: Converse

converse instagram promotion made by you

Instagram Promotion Spotlight: Converse

This spring, Converse launched their largest, most expansive and prescient campaign to date, titled, “Made By You.” This campaign was created to feature both celebrity and consumer worn converse. The final result is a curated collection of Chuck Taylor All Star portraits from a myriad collection of wearers. In addition to this campaign and exhibit, Converse took to Instagram to utilize Instagram promotion. By pinpointing influencers who double as loyal Converse customers, Converse was able to beget organic, rich content, that also reached a massive audience in the millions beyond their own social breadth (also see our post on influencer marketing).

Their ability to leverage these influencers for Instagram promotion also enables Converse to subtly encourage the Instagram community to partake in sharing their own Converse stories, creating a social sharing galvanization around the brand with strategic and minimal investment (also see our post on steps for picking the right influencer for your brand). “It’s a celebration of the people who have worn Chuck Taylors over the years and have made them their own,” Cottrill, VP and general manager of Converse Brand & Segments, said. “Our modern-day image has been powered by the people who have worn them.” (Forbes) A few of the campaign’s most influential Instagramers include WeWoreWhat, NatalieOffDuty, EggCanvas, and more.

Enterprising and innovative brands are increasingly experimenting with Instagram to build their audience and foster engagement and loyalty among the social savvy audiences. Traditional advertising, display media and static ads are falling by the wayside and being rapidly supplanted by interactive and inventive social platforms. Brands are having to evolve rapidly or lose out in the race to reach their customers.

Below is a smattering of 9 influencer Instagram images from the Converse campaign.

converse instagram promotion made by you

image sources from left to right, top to bottom: @weworewhat / @troprouge / @iammago / @streetsmith / @eggcanvas / @natalieoffduty / @buttles / @dustinhanke / @lydiamarceau / top image @converse


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