Instagram Marketing Leaps Forward With These Latest Updates

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Instagram Unveils Video Views To Engage Marketers & Instagrammers Alike

As video has become a more powerful tool for marketers, social media platforms have responded with increasingly bold and resolute measures in an attempt to steal views away from YouTube—online video content’s reigning champion. Last year, for example, there was massive buzz over Facebook’s addition of video analytics features to make its video platform more marketer-friendly. Now, we’re seeing a similar push by Facebook-owned Instagram.

Instagram Makes Marketing Push For Video View Emphasis

When Instagram launched its video capabilities in 2013, it saw an immediate response with 5 million uploads on its first day. In September of that year, only a few months after Instagram videos debuted, Adweek reported that Instagram videos were generating 66% higher engagement for brands than Instagram photo shares. Instagram has since become a key weapon in the social media marketer’s arsenal. Brands like Zappos, BMW, Hallmark, and Blue Apron have pulled off Instagram marketing campaigns with great aplomb. Now, with the release of some valuable new insight-driven features, Instagram is making a clear move to lure even more marketers.
Last week, Instagram announced that it would begin recording video views. The announcement came with much fanfare, since the old iteration of Instagram video was developed seemingly without consideration of its brand marketing potential. Without any analytics features, campaign metrics have long been difficult to capture on Instagram. This new feature has major implications for how brands will continue to use Instagram. Brands will have greater insight into their campaign performance and, as we have seen with countless viral videos, a high number of public views may draw even more views.
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Instagram Enables Toggling Between Multiple Accounts 

In addition, Instagram has also begun allowing users to toggle between multiple accounts (The Verge). While the feature itself is fairly simple, this is a major change in terms of functionality. Especially for social media brand managers with several channels (for example, Nike, who owns the @nikewomen, @nikesb, @nikerunning accounts or Starbucks who also owns the branded Instagram channel @Frappuccino) as well as for influencers operating several accounts. It also marks a major shift in Instagram’s understanding of how brands, consumers, and influencers are using its platform.
Instagram has changed how brands and advertisers look at publishing. Instead of seeking external avenues for publicity, brands have become publishers themselves. By generating beautiful content, major brands have connected directly with a highly-engaged base of consumers and have strengthened their brand appeal. It is clear that Instagram itself has taken notice, and has made streamlining its platform accordingly a priority.
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