Instagram Marketing Strategy With Social Media Stars

Instagram Marketing Strategy With Social Media Stars

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Developing An Instagram Marketing Strategy

Ever since first released to the public in October of 2010, Instagram has been poised for real success. The app’s acquisition by Facebook in 2012 gave it the kickstart it needed to reach mass market appeal, growing 20% more than its parent company Facebook that year. According to Forbes, Instagram now boasts over 400 million monthly active users as of this week, and, “this year, eMarketer forecasts Instagram’s global ad revenue will be $600 million.” Yes — Instagram is surpassing most other social media channels in popularity, and the trend isn’t likely to slow down.

As brands and advertisers, heading into 2015 Q4, strategize on the best ways to leverage Instagram marketing, it is helpful to reflect on the successes of last year’s top Q4 campaigns. In Adweek’s article “Brands’ Next Big Celebrity Deals May Be With Social Media Stars,” the advertising site details how Dick’s Sporting Goods partnered with several social media stars to create branded and sponsored content generating “more than 130,000 clicks to Dick’s website, 6.2 million engagements, 27.5 million impressions, and 4,000 new Twitter followers.”

As told to Adweek, Jay Basnight director of digital at Dick’s notes the following with regards to executing multiple year-long influencer marketing campaigns,

“It’s not just one and done — it is a relationship that we’ve developed with social media influencers.”

Clearly, there’s never been a better time than now for today’s top brands to focus on developing an airtight Instagram marketing strategy, and partnering with social media stars can be the key for seeing measurable success.

The Power of Instagram for Marketing

Because Instagram reaches so many users each day, it’s one of the most effective tools for marketing today. Developing an Instagram marketing strategy that works for your brand means covering your bases and firing on all cylinders. Your profile needs to be fleshed-out, the content you post needs to be useful and the ways in which you interact with your audience need to be carefully thought-out. Even the best Instagram marketing strategy can benefit from outside factors that can positively affect visibility, which is exactly where social media stars come into play.

As with YouTube, Instagram has its very own subculture of popular accounts that have grown to have millions of followers. These social media celebrities are commonly referred to as “influencers,” as they can have a rather large bearing on the brand loyalty decisions of Instagram’s 400-million-plus users. Aligning with the proper Instagram influencers in the height of this technology’s popularity, then, is one of the most effective ways for modern brands to market to targeted audiences.

The Benefits of Instagram Marketing with Social Media Stars

There are countless benefits that can come along with developing an Instagram marketing strategy that incorporates affiliation with the right social media stars into the mix.

  • For one, these individuals have massive amounts of followers and can help you to build your audience tenfold in an extremely short period of time.
  • Because influencers become brand ambassadors under this type of partnership, they’ll also help to add credibility and validity to your brand.
  • Relevance & visibility. Sometimes, all it takes is a single influencer campaign to launch a company to an entirely new tier of existence. By collaborating with today’s digital content creators, brands can integrate into an influencer’s ongoing storyline providing much-needed relevance, aspirational lifestyle content, and relatability to a vast amount of targeted consumers.

Now is the perfect time to create an Instagram marketing strategy for your brand. Focus on aligning with the right social media influencers (see our article on “How To Find Instagram Influencers“), and you’ll be one step closer to succeeding.

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