Why Brands Need An Instagram Marketing Strategy

Why Brands Need An Instagram Marketing Strategy

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Today, An Instagram Marketing Strategy Is Crucial For Brands

In 2016, digital marketing expert eMarkerer predicts that nearly 100 million Americans will log on to Instagram at least once a month, and by 2017, over half (51.8%) of all social network users in the U.S. will be on the fast-growing photo and video sharing platform. As greater numbers of consumers turn to Instagram to keep abreast of the latest trends, receive news through the app’s growing number of Instagram publishing channels, and make purchasing decisions, developing a comprehensive Instagram marketing strategy is now one of the best ways to reach audiences who spend hours a day on social media apps and networks.

Why Every Brand Needs An Instagram Marketing Strategy

To grow and remain viable in today’s hyper-competitive commercial landscape, successful brands must find a way to capture the attention of audiences who now look to social media platforms for entertainment and information by generating momentum through both owned media channels (the company’s own Instagram channel) and earned media (word-of-mouth or influencer marketing) recommendations. Developing an effective Instagram marketing strategy can be a powerful way for companies to showcase their brand, goods, and/or services in the most favorable light, solidify brand messaging through branded sponsored posts, boost brand relevance, and gain exposure to millions of new consumers.

Because Instagram is the favorite platform for teens and millennial users (Wall Street Journal), brands who engage in Instagram marketing now will also be in a better position to reach future generations who will wield more purchasing power as they get older.

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The Best Instagram Marketing Strategies Every Advertiser Should Know

Instagram marketing involves more than simply creating an Instagram account and publishing content once or twice a month. As Forbes’ A.J. Agrawal points out, businesses who want to drive sales and see positive ROIs from their Instagram marketing efforts must be “tactical in their delivery of posts.” Adhering to the following strategies will help companies develop a strong presence on Instagram:

  • Know Your Audience. Developing content that reflects the values and interests of your target demographic(s) is crucial to achieving Instagram branding success.
  • Be Consistent. Creating a recognizable aesthetic and posting regularly (at least once per day) will generate higher levels of engagement and keep audiences coming back for more content.
  • Use High-Quality Images. Be sure your photos are taken with a professional camera (new Smartphone cameras are acceptable), are in focus, and are visually captivating. Before publishing, take a few minutes to edit each piece of content using the native Instagram editor or one of the many editing tools available for download.
  • Find The Right Hashtags. Including a trending hashtag will help people find your brand channel, while developing a unique branded hashtag can drive social conversations and help establish brand identity across multiple social media channels.
  • Engage with Followers. Communicating with followers/consumers on social media channels like Instagram is one of the best ways to increase engagement and turn everyday consumers into brand ambassadors.
  • Collaborate With Top Instagrammers. Partnering with the platform’s most popular content creators (called “Instagrammers“) is an extremely effective way to grow your brand channel and/or expand the reach of your content. For more information on how brands can partner with Instagram influencers to reach audiences and increase engagement, see our post “The Best Tips For Marketing With Instagrammers” and reference our “Brand Guide: How Brands Market With Top Instagrammers.”

Top Instagrammers Are The Cornerstone Of Every Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram’s popularity has left it saturated with content—according to the latest Instagram press release, an average of 80 million photos and videos are published on the platform every day. Coupled with the advent of Instagram’s new newsfeed algorithm, collaborating with top Instagrammers to create branded or brand-sponsored photos or videos can help companies rise to the top of audiences’ Instagram feeds and expand brand reach to millions. Because Instagrammers have spent years developing relationships with and cultivating the trust of their followers, partnering with the platform’s magnetic social media influencers can also inspire purchasing decisions and increase brand relevance in the eyes of engaged consumers.

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