How Old Spice Skyrockets User Engagement Through Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing Case Study Old Spice Dream Runner Campaign

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Instagram Marketing Case Study: Old Spice’s Dream Runner Campaign

According to Aimia, Millennials today are 44% more likely to promote a product on social media if they are rewarded. To capitalize on this trend, Old Spice launched the Dream Runner social media marketing campaign in April 2016. Since it was founded in 1934, Old Spice’s ability to consistently engage its target demographic (i.e. young men) through savvy marketing campaigns has helped the brand become a mainstay in the men’s personal care industry. The Dream Runner campaign is yet another example of Old Spice’s ability to create engagement and build a community of Old Spice consumers through marketing campaigns.

Instagram Marketing Case Study Overview

Old Spice has become a top men’s personal care brand thanks to witty and entertaining ad campaigns. With the launch of Old Spice’s Dream Runner Campaign, the company looked to generate user engagement by providing Instagram users the opportunity to win prizes by posting photos of their exercise routes in the shape of prizes they want to win.

Campaign Goals

  • Primary Goal: To build brand awareness among social media audiences and solidify Old Spice’s identity as a forward-thinking, innovative brand.
  • Secondary Goal: To engage with and build Old Spice’s exercise community and promote Old Spice’s Hardest Working Collection.


  • Though Old Spice’s television ad campaigns are already wildly popular with audiences, the brand looked to further engage young consumers by leveraging social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube to generate social awareness for its newest Dream Runner social media marketing campaign.
  • The campaign offers consumers the chance to win free prizes by posting photos of their exercise routes in the shape of a prize (see Logan Paul’s Instagram video below). By asking social media users to tag their content with the hashtag #runoldspice and post their “drawings” on either Instagram or on the Old Spice website, the brand compelled users to both exercise and interact with Old Spice in the digital space.

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  • Old Spice increased brand awareness by collaborating with top social media influencers to sponsor 6 different YouTube videos. These videos have generated a total of over 2 million views (to date) for the Dream Runner campaign.
  • The brand has awarded—and documented on social media—over 50 prizes to Old Spice followers who have participated in the campaign

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Instagram Marketing Case Study Examples

Logan Paul

To build exposure for the Dream Runner Campaign, Old Spice leveraged the influential power of top Instagrammers by inviting personalities such as Logan Paul to participate in the campaign. Logan Paul was a perfect candidate for the campaign because many of his Instagram followers (4.3m) are young people who enjoy exercise—Old Spice’s target market. Because Logan Paul’s Instagram content is both funny and authentic, Old Spice’s collaborative sponsorship video is designed to find favor with Logan Paul’s Instagram audience, fans, and followers.

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Kevin LaSean

Kevin LaSean was also enlisted as an influencer for the Dream Runner Campaign. Like Logan Paul, LaSean was a great match for the campaign because his background in sports and fitness allowed him to create a video for the campaign that was authentic and appealing to LaSean’s followers.

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Ronnie Shalvis

Old Spice continued to utilize influencers with athletic backgrounds by working with YouTube stunt artist Ronnie Shalvis. Shalvis specializes in parkour, making him an ideal candidate for the Dream Runner campaign. His video for the campaign is an authentic presentation of Old Spice’s sponsored content since Ronnie performs his talent, parkour, in the route of a realistic, desirable prize.

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The Takeaway For Brands

For brands looking to increase awareness and engagement through social media, reward-based marketing campaigns such as Old Spice’s Dream Runner Campaign are ideal for reaching large millennial audiences. Developed in conjunction with the right social media influencers, Instagram marketing campaigns can effectively encourage ordinary social media users to post their own unique content in a creative, authentic, and engaging ways.

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