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Instagram Case Study: How Top Mobile Gaming App Bejeweled Advertises With Influencers

Popular photo-sharing platform Instagram already has more 400 million users and will, by one estimate, bring one-third of all United States citizens into the fold by 2019 (MGD Advertising). The massive reach of Instagram makes it an ideal channel for brand-sponsored content and social media marketing campaigns with today’s top social media influencers, especially for mobile app gaming companies eager to capitalize on the fast-growing gaming industry—according to a recent statista survey, ad-supported mobile games are projected to generate around $655 million in revenue by 2017.

In the following Instagram marketing case study, see how popular mobile gaming app Bejeweled partnered with Instagram’s top influencers to promote the brand’s #shinyplace marketing campaign and inspire millions to purchase the app.

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Bejeweled’s Instagram Case Study Overview

For this Instagram marketing case study, Mediakix analyzed how the gem-matching puzzle game Bejeweled used social media to grow its user base, increase brand engagement, and inspire mobile users to download the gaming app. To generate campaign awareness, Bejeweled recruited top Instagram influencers to share photos of themselves playing the game under the branded hashtag #shinyplace. (For a thorough explanation of the #shinyplace, see Bejeweled’s branded YouTube video below.)


  • Primary Goal – To build brand awareness among social media audiences and increase brand engagement through the #shinyplace hashtag campaign.
  • Secondary Goal – To drive audiences to the app store and increase downloads of the Bejeweled mobile game.


  • Bejeweled introduced the campaign by creating two clever and imaginative YouTube shorts featuring people playing the mobile game as a way to escape tedium and find their #shinyplace. Though the first branded content for the campaign was published on YouTube, the video featured popular Instagram pup JiffPom as a member of a comically-average family discovering their “#shinyplace” for the first time.
  • The brand partnered with high-reach Instagrammers to spread the word about the campaign and inspire audiences to share their own Bejeweled gaming photos with the branded hashtag #shinyplace.

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  • According to App Annie, since Bejeweled launched the Instagram marketing campaign on May 10th, the game’s rank on the Apple’s top-grossing U.S. iPhone games chart has climbed from 454th to the 135th.
  • Bejeweled rose from the 702nd to the 182nd top-grossing app on the U.S. Apple App Store during that same time-frame.

Instagram Case Study Examples

Bejeweled’s YouTube Marketing Spot (Featuring Canine Influencer JiffPom)

To introduce their Instagram marketing campaign to the world, Bejeweled created a short video featuring an ordinary American couple watching the most ordinary sport possible: curling. This unmoving setting soon receives a jolt of energy after the husband pulls out his phone and starts playing Bejeweled, effectively entering his #shinyplace. With over 1.5 million views, Bejeweled branded video captured audience’s attention by including popular Instagram pup JiffPom (2.5 million Instagram followers).

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Social Media Star David Lopez Finds His #ShinyPlace

To increase the reach of the #shinyplace campaign, Bejeweled enlisted the services of social media influencer David Lopez (850K Instagram followers) for a sponsored post featuring Lopez turning to Bejeweled as a remedy for his tough day.

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Koya Webb Partners With Bejeweled For The Brand’s Instagram Campaign

Bejeweled partnered with fitness/yoga influencer Koya Webb for a sponsored post that perfectly fits with the brand’s #shinyplace campaign theme. Here, the Instagram influencer plays Bejeweled at the beach while taking a break from work.

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The Takeaway For Brands

For mobile apps (both gaming and not) looking to increase brand awareness and boost downloads, developing an Instagram marketing campaign around a branded hashtag is an effective way to encourage users to view and share brand-sponsored content. Because mobile apps, mobile-based games, and Instagram (also a mobile app) all share the smartphone space, leveraging the reach and influential power of top Instagrammers can translate effectively into social shares and, most importantly, to app downloads.

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