How LG's Instagram Influencer Campaign Got Over 1 Million Likes

Instagram Marketing Case Study LG Electronics V20 Influencers
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Instagram Marketing Case Study: Inside LG’s V20 Smartphone Influencer Campaign

For an electronics company looking to promote a new smartphone with advanced camera features, Instagram would seem like the ideal marketing platform. With over 500M users, Instagram hosts a user base primed to engage with photography and technology content. Many brands are realizing that influencer marketing, which leverages the trust, reach, and creativity of social influencers, can be powerfully effective when it comes to promoting the release of a new product. 

In the following case study, we’ll look at how LG partnered with top social media influencers on Instagram to promote the release of its V20 smartphone. By working with prominent photographers on Instagram, LG was able to stir up incredibly high levels of engagement, drive awareness amongst millions, and double their sales.  

Instagram Marketing Case Study Overview

The smartphone industry is growing more saturated by the year and as one of the companies aggressively looking to increase its 9.7% U.S. market share, LG has long been investing heavily in influencer marketing. Its global ambassador program includes a wide range of celebrities and social influencers that promote the brand across a variety of channels.

Starting in September, LG partnered with several photography influencers on Instagram to promote the release of the LG V20, their new smartphone with advanced camera features. LG’s Instagam influencer campaign specifically focused on the phone’s “Manual Mode” and “Steady Record” features.

  • Primary Goal: Drive awareness and consideration of LG’s new smartphone offering, the LG V20
  • Secondary Goal: Educate potential buyers and drive social participation around the new advanced camera features
  • LG partnered with several photography influencers on Instagram, including Dylan Furst, Kyle Kuiper, Jordan Herschel, Rory Kramer, Eric Rubens, and Jeremy Cohen, to develop, publish, and promote brand sponsored Instagram photos showcasing the new smartphone
    • These influencers have identified themselves as “LG Ambassadors” in their profiles

Instagram Marketing Case Study LG Photography Ambassador Fursty

  • Influencers were called on to tout two of the advanced camera features—“Manual Mode” and “Steady Record”
    • #ManualMode posts typically showcased the phone’s interface, giving viewers a better idea of what it’s like to use the feature

Instagram Case Study LG Electronics Jordan Herschel LGV20

  • #SteadyRecord videos were typically long panning shots to showcase the feature’s effectiveness

Campaign Results
  • Social Reach: LG reached in excess of 3.2M across eight of the most prominent influencers it worked with
  • Engagement: Across the 100 posts audited, over 1.2M likes and 10K comments were received; posts by Dylan Furst (890K followers) received as many as 62K likes.
  • User-Generated Content: To date, the #lgv20 hashtag has generated over 7.5K posts; #ManualMode and #SteadyRecord has seen 18K and 50 posts, respectively (not necessarily LG though)
  • Sales: In mid-November, LG announced that over 200K V20s were sold within just ten days of being on sale; this was twice the volume its V10 predecessor had the year before

LG Electronic’s Instagram Marketing Campaign Examples

Instagram Influencer Marketing LG Kyle Kuiper Photographer

Kyle Kuiper

A photographer/filmmaker with 995K followers. Based in San Diego, he specializes in outdoor and drone photography. His 14 #LGV20 posts drew over 180K likes.

Instagram Marketing Case Study LG Electronics V20 Dylan Furst

Dylan Furst

An outdoor adventure and lifestyle photographer based in the Pacific NW with over 893K followers. His 11 posts got nearly half a million likes.

LG Smartphone Instagram Marketing Campaign Jordan Herschel

Jordan Herschel

Another nature photographer, Jordan has over 545K followers. His 18 posts received over 260K likes.

LG Instagram Influencer Campaign Jeremy Cohen Ambassador

Jeremy Cohen

An NYC-based photographer with over 140K followers. His 13 posts drew over 20K likes.

LG Electronics Instagram Marketing Alina Tsvor Smartphone

Alina Tsvor

A Chicago-based photographer with 111K followers that specializes in fashion and urban landscapes. Her 13 posts netted over 40K likes for LG’s new smartphone launch.


Jade Sheldon

A Portland-based visual artist with 78K followers. Her 15 sponsored Instagram posts for LG Electronics posts drew over 18K likes.

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