Instagram Marketing Case Study: How Daniel Wellington Owns Their Instagram Game

Instagram marketing case study Daniel Wellington
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Instagram Marketing Case Study: How Daniel Wellington Became A Best Brand On Instagram By Partnering With Top Influencers

In the latter half of 2015, we listed Swedish watchmaker Daniel Wellington (or “DW”) as one of “The Best Brands Working With Influencers On Instagram.” Since then, the brand has doubled-down on its influencer marketing campaigns and continues to collaborate with top influencers on Instagram to reach millions of new customers. According to Bloomberg, Daniel Wellington’s Instagram marketing strategy (the brand doesn’t invest in traditional advertising, relying exclusively on social media marketing campaigns with influencers to increase exposure) has been a success—the company’s revenue was around $220 million in 2015.

In this Instagram marketing case study, we explore how Daniel Wellington leveraged the influential power of top Instagrammers to transform the $15,000 startup company into one of the hottest brands in the world in less than 5 years.

Instagram Marketing Case Study Overview

Daniel Wellington has become a staple in the fashion world (the term “NATO strap” is now widely used in the industry, thanks almost entirely to the watchmaker) by strategically leveraging both influencer marketing and user-generated content (UGC) to develop a favorable brand identity and reach millions of consumers who might not know of the brand otherwise. See our Instagram marketing case study for the details:


  • Increase brand awareness to millions of social media users across image-based social media platforms esp. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.
  • Leverage branded hashtag campaigns (#danielwellington or location-based, #DWinLosAngeles) to increase followers on Daniel Wellington’s owned social media accounts.
  • Drive sales of Daniel Wellington products by including promotional codes in social media marketing content.


  • Daniel Wellington generated engagement by first developing a sensational brand story that consumers would find attractive and inspiring. In this case, the brand’s founder, Filip Tysander, claims he got the idea for the now-iconic watch band from a James Bond-like wanderer (named Daniel Wellington) while backpacking through Australia (Bloomberg).
  • DW enlisted thousands of influencers to promote the brand by giving out free watches and driving consumer action by including special coupon codes with their influencer-created content.
  • The company developed a branded hashtag (#danielwellington) to encourage ordinary social media users to post their own photos of Daniel Wellington’s products. The best UCG photos are then selected to appear on Daniel Wellington’s Instagram account with the hashtag #DWpickoftheday.

Campaign Result

  • To date, Daniel Wellington’s branded hashtag campaign has generated over 800K Instagram photos and videos, both from influencers and ordinary social media users (Instagram).
  • Daniel Wellington’s Instagram account has grown from 850K to 2.1M followers in one year, an increase of 1.2M (Salesforce).
  • From 2014 to 2015, Daniel Wellington saw a 214% increase in profits (Investopedia).

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Daniel Wellington Instagram Campaign Examples

Charlotte Crosby (@charlottegshore)

Beauty influencer Charlotte Letitia Crosby uses her uncanny good looks to show off her Daniel Wellington watch and engage followers by offering special promos on Daniel Wellington products. Displaying her on-trend style in nearly every picture, Crosby attracts over 6M followers.

Adriana Gastélum (@fakeleather)

Adriana Gastélum is a blogger based in Barcelona, Spain. Her profile’s modern and sophisticated composition epitomizes the style of Daniel Wellington watches, making her a perfect fit to be one of the brand’s social media influencers.

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David Ambarzumjan (@_david_art)

An artist at the young age of 17, David Ambarzumjan specializes in mixed media paintings and drawing with colored pencils. Using his artistic eye, he creatively intertwines Daniel Wellington watches within his drawings of galaxies.

Helen Owen (@helenowen)

Bikini model and designer Helen Owen collaborates with Daniel Wellington because she loves how timeless their pieces are. With close to a million followers, this beauty makes a great partner in showcasing the brand’s classic design. Related Post: Best Snapchat Accounts To Follow: Models Edition [Infographic]

Fritz (@fritzykitzy)

From Vancouver, Fritz captures the beautiful views and scenery of nature. His simple and crisp shots enables him to authentically incorporate a Daniel Wellington watch into his aesthetically consistent profile.

What Brands Can Learn From Our Daniel Wellington Instagram Marketing Case Study

Daniel Wellington’s success, both in terms of company profits and social media growth, exemplifies how brands can use influencer marketing (while simultaneously eschewing traditional forms of advertising) to reach millions and establish a company’s product as a consumer “must-have.”

For both large companies and startup brands with smaller advertising budgets, collaborating with Instagram influencers (often by giving away products for free) and encouraging average Instagram users to create UGC can help companies achieve a powerful level of social media ubiquity and create a positive brand identity in the eyes of engaged consumers.