Case Study: How Adidas' Instagram Campaign Generated Massive User Engagement

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Instagram Marketing Case Study: Adidas’ #MyNeoShoot Influencer-Driven Campaign

The word is out: Instagram is the place to be for apparel brands. After analyzing more than 1 million social posts from 879 brands, research firm L2 found that 92% of retail companies have adopted Instagram (the adoption rates were 92% and 98% for activewear brands and fashion brands, respectively), with the average retail brand publishing 15 Instagram posts per week (eMarketer).

As one the top apparel brands in the space, Adidas has leveraged social media marketing—in particular, youth-focused influencer marketing campaigns and engagement-boosting user-generated content (UGC) initiatives—to outpace their competitors. According to a report by, Adidas’ sales increased by 24.2% in the year from January 2015 to January 2016, while the brand’s top competitor, Nike, saw a 9.1% drop in sales over the same period.

Instagram Marketing Case Study Overview: Adidas’ #MyNeoShoot Campaign

In 2012, Adidas reinvigorated its marketing efforts with the launch of Adidas Neo, a new division of trendy, youth-targeted products. In response to the rise of social media platforms and the increased purchasing power of millennial consumers, Adidas launched the #MyNeoShoot social media campaign in 2015.

This socially-driven initiative looked to leverage the popularity and marketing potential of Instagram by inviting both Instagram influencers and ordinary users to create Adidas-inspired Instagram posts. Adidas then selected the best content creators to model for a professional photo shoot and share their branded content with engaged social media audiences.

Instagram Marketing Campaign Goals
  • Primary Goal: Boost brand awareness and increase Adidas’ social media following by designing an initiative that would appeal to Instagram’s highly-engaged user base.
  • Secondary Goal: Cultivate and engage with Adidas Neo brand ambassadors by inviting Instagram users to participate in the creative campaign.
  • To launch the campaign, Adidas enlisted Instagram’s most popular celebrity, Selena Gomez, to inform fans and followers about the #MyNeoShoot contest.
  • Adidas continued generating social buzz around #MyNeoShoot by partnering with several high-reach Instagram influencers to create engaging content with the campaign’s branded hashtag.
  • The brand invited Instagram users to post inspiring content using the hashtag #MyNeoShoot for the chance to be selected as one of six “models” for the campaign. The rest of the Instagram community participate in the campaign by voting on every element of the ensuing photo shoot, from the contest winners’ hairstyles to the outfits they wore for the branded posts.
  • The #MyNeoShoot model contest generated close to 12,000 entries.
  • Adidas’ branded hashtag #MyNeoShoot accrued more than 71,000 mentions.
  • The Adidas Neo Instagram page gained 41,000 new followers as a result of the campaign.

Examples Of How Adidas Partnered With Influencers For #MyNeoShoot

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Adidas Enlists High-Profile Celebrity Selena Gomez To Kick-Start The Campaign

Adidas collaborated with pop star Selena Gomez to launch the #MyNeoShoot campaign in dramatic fashion. Though Gomez isn’t typically considered a social media influencer, the celebrity’s large social following (she claims over 86 million Instagram followers) made her the perfect spokesperson to kickstart the #MyNeoShoot initiative.

New post is up on ?? @adidasneo #outfit A photo posted by Iga Wysocka (@igawysocka) on

Adidas Neo Works With High-Reach Influencers Like Iga Wysocka To Increase Awareness

To help build brand awareness for the Adidas Neo clothing line and #MyNeoShoot campaign, the apparel company leveraged the reach and influence of top lifestyle Instagrammers like Iga Wysocka, whose youthful look and beautiful aesthetic perfectly complemented the Adidas Neo brand.

The Takeaway For Brands

The Adidas #MyNeoShoot campaign is one example of how an established brand can engage new, young audiences by leveraging Instagram’s popularity and image-focused content. By collaborating with celebrities, Instagram influencers, and ordinary users to promote the initiative, Adidas was able to reach millions of interested consumers, while the #MyNeoShoot contest helped spark high levels of engagement and solidify Adidas’ identity as a relevant, youth-oriented lifestyle brand.