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4 Instagram Marketing Campaigns From TV & Film Entertainment

Hollywood awards season is upon us. To celebrate, in this week’s installment of the “Best Sponsored Instagram Posts” series, we highlight the movies and TV shows that have generated hype by marketing on Instagram. On Instagram specifically, we have recently seen a spike of influencers promoting films and TV shows on their feeds. It looks like entertainment studios have caught on to influencer marketing as an incredibly powerful tool for creating buzz.

In the age of cord-cutting, traditional advertising just does not have the reach that it used to. Instagram posts by key social media influencers can pack a massive punch to supplement or even supplant old-school marketing techniques. These are the most striking and successful Instagram marketing campaigns for entertainment of late. If you’re new to the series, here’s a list to catch you up on what we’ve covered so far:

Tune in for next week’s installment, and check out our favorite entertainment sponsored Instagram posts below:

TV Land’s Younger Instagram Marketing Campaign

Younger, the latest show by Sex & the City creator Darren Star, airs on TV Land. In anticipation of its Season 2 premiere, several Instagrammers shared their excitement and TV-viewing preparations on their social channels. This one by Daniella Monet is particularly apt, as her audience aligns perfectly with the show’s target demographic. In one post, Monet garnered 29,000 likes—with many of those by Instagram users who may not have been previously aware of the show, since it airs on a smaller cable network.

Dirty Grandpa Movie Marketing On Instagram

Dirty Grandpa has received a lot of exposure on Instagram as we await its release. Baddie Winkle, who plays a supporting role in the film starring Robert DeNiro, is an internet sensation in her own right and has acted as something of an online spokesperson for the film. Here, she poses with pop culture personality Chantel Jeffries, with a homemade star for the Hollywood Walk of Fame—a nod to the antics that viewers can expect. The post has received 24,000 likes to date, just one day before the release of the film.

Star Wars‘s Instagram Marketing Strategy

Chew this, you will. @petco #petco #starwarspets #sp #yoda

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In addition to the massive marketing effort that went into promoting the newest installment of Star Wars, the franchise also partnered with online influencers for dedicated Star Wars marketing Instagram campaigns. Specifically: Instagram-famous dogs. The film capitalized on the enthusiasm we have for cute dogs by collaborating with them to create unique content for the seemingly ubiquitous film. The result was an unexpected and adorable reminder of the pending release of what turned out to be the highest-grossing film of all time.

Pixels‘ Instagram Influencer Marketing 

To spur awareness of the film’s DVD and Blu-ray release, the creators of Pixels collaborated with online gaming vlogger Ali-a. The partnership is an extremely savvy one, as the film features unique virtual-gaming elements that appeal specifically to his fanbase. Ali-A’s 7.4 million YouTube subscribers were made aware of the film through the relevant gaming video he created based on the film’s content, and 37,000 of his Instagram followers liked the post.

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