Nespresso's Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign

Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign Example Nespresso

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How Luxury Coffee Brand Nespresso Does Instagram Influencer Marketing

Nespresso recently launched their Instagram influencer marketing campaign to make their product line known to a younger generation of coffee drinkers. Until now, the Swiss brand’s marketing strategy has been focused on its native Europe audience, where George Clooney has long acted as its spokesperson. Clooney recently appeared in a much-discussed TV ad spot (the first ever U.S. commercial to feature the A-list actor). To see whether brands prefer digital influencers or celebrities, check out our article here. In contrast to its European market, Nespresso’s United States presence has been limited to higher-end department stores like Bloomingdale’s and dedicated retail spaces in ritzy neighborhoods like Beverly Hills.

Similar to other prestige brands like BMW (see their latest Instagram influencer marketing campaign here), Nespresso’s online push with popular social media app Instagram is intended to amplify the brand’s reputation and increase engagement with millennial consumers while still maintaining its high-end appeal. Instagram is not only a top used social media app for many important demographics, but according to Forrester Research, Instagram has the best social engagement for brands by a significant margin.

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Nespresso’s choice of influencers demonstrates an understanding of how to integrate influencer marketing into a broader campaign. Top men’s lifestyle influencer Adam Gallagher, for example, has an audience that admires his classic and effortless style. His personal aesthetic fits perfectly into the theme of Nespresso’s Instagram marketing campaign, “A Cup Above,” which stresses the elegance of their product line. Similarly, Aimee Song is a top fashion blogger with a clean and modern look, Sazan Hendrix covers sophisticated beauty looks, and Our Vintage Farmhouse curates upscale, farmhouse chic decor. While these influencers produce diverse content that reaches niche audiences, all have personas centered on elegance and good taste. In this way, they are an excellent fit for Nespresso’s brand aesthetic while simultaneously offering the brand access to a previously untapped market: Millennials. To see how to market to Millennials through social media, check out our post here.

Nespresso’s recent Instagram marketing campaign is part of a much larger trend. Major brands like Nespresso have begun to realize how online influencers can supplement, or in some cases supersede traditional partnerships with mainstream celebrities. As demonstrated by Variety’s yearly study, top social media influencers overwhelmingly resonate better with many of today’s consumer audiences.  As we have discussed in the past, among Millennials—an age group that is quickly growing its buying power—social media stars often wield more clout than their traditional media counterparts. It is clear that social media marketing is becoming more and more central to any brand’s attempt to enter popular consciousness. According to Adweek, marketers spend 500% more on Millennials than any other demographic combined. Millennials have been outspoken when it comes to advertising: more stories, less ads (Entrepreneur). Marketing with Instagram influencers and other social media influencers provides brands and these audiences a succinct way to reach, resonate, and engage with millions.   

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In an interview with Bloomberg Business, Nespresso’s CEO Jean-Marc Duvoisin explained, “the U.S. is so large that if we really want to get through, we need support and strong impact.” Their recent Instagram marketing push is aimed at doing just that. By partnering with social influencers in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle spaces, it is clear that Nespresso acknowledges that different types of consumers are reached through different media. Their recent marketing efforts are aimed at covering all their bases, and creating a lasting impression on important key audiences.

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