BMW's Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign

BMW Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples
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BMW’s Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign Features European Journey

This week’s installment of our Best Brand Sponsored Instagram Post Series (see last week’s here) features an innovative, cross-platform campaign approach from automaker, BMW. In addition to several car brands, many other top brands in all industries have partnered with popular social media influencers to create sponsored content that drives awareness and engagement in novel, relevant ways.

For the launch and debut of their new 7 Series, BMW partnered with top men’s fashion and lifestyle blogger, Brian Sacawa of blog He Spoke Style (see our list of the top men’s fashion bloggers here) and photographer Sezgin Yilmaz (with over 1.6 million followers on Instagram). BMW’s #DrivingLuxury Instagram influencer marketing campaign, which chronicles blogger He Spoke Style road trip journey through Zurich, Milan, and Munich features a series of sponsored Instagram posts from both blogger and photographer in addition to several blog posts and a dedicated YouTube video.

To see BMW’s YouTube video and brand sponsored Instagram posts with top blogger He Spoke Style, check out the rest of our “Best Instagram Influencer Marketing Series” post here:

BMW’s Instagram Influencer Marketing With Men’s Blogger He Spoke Style

Like many other marquee brands, BMW is partnering with top social media and digital influencers to leverage their both reach and engagement across multiple platforms (to see whether brands prefer digital influencers over celebrities, see our post here). To best highlight the debut of their new 7 Series sedan, BMW sent popular men’s blogger He Spoke Style to Germany for an epic road trip. In addition to He Spoke Style’s Instagram and blog audience reach, BMW partnered He Spoke Style with top Instagram photographer Sezgin Yilmaz to further showcase aspirational lifestyle images from their road trip chronicles to vast audiences online. See how other car brands (including Mercedes, Jaguar, Chevrolet, and many more) market with social media influencers here.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign BMW Photographer Sezyilmaz

As a branding campaign (see our post here on how to measure both direct-response and branding-based social media influencer campaigns), BMW’s Instagram influencer marketing begins with He Spoke Style’s official announcement seen here below:

Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign Strategy BMW

As opposed to one-off posts or campaigns with multiple influencers, BMW’s campaign is representative of a trend amongst many top brands opting to build relevancy and consumer awareness/affinity by longer-term collaborations. With a month-long road trip journey and campaign, blogger He Spoke Style is better able to craft and capture authentic content, storylines, and build, generate, and engage audiences across all social channels. Many marketers, including Dick’s Sporting Goods Director of Digital, have not only pointed to social media stars as the brand deals of the future, but are quick to note the marked benefits of long-term collaborations (Adweek).

BMW Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign Strategy Blogger Instagrammer He Spoke Style

In addition to BMW’s Instagram influencer marketing posts, check out BMW’s entire campaign with blogger He Spoke Style in these sponsored blog posts:

“European Road Trip: Zurich”

“Ride Along Through The Alps In Next-Level Luxury”

Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns BMW Blogger He Spoke Style

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