Instagram Case Study: Target's "Cat & Jack" Influencer Campaign

Instagram Case Study Target's Cat & Jack Campaign
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Instagram Case Study: How Target Reached 2.6M Consumers In 2 Weeks

Before the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, retailers leveraged colorful print ads and television commercials to showcase their products to consumers, expand brand awareness, and drive purchases. Today, eMarketer estimates that 92% of all global retail brands are on Instagram, making the photo- and video-sharing app one of the most effective, engaging, and ubiquitous ways for companies to promote garments, accessories, shoes, and other products to attentive social media audiences.

Instagram Case Study Overview: Target’s “Cat & Jack” Influencer Campaign

In July 2016, Target announced the launch of a new children’s clothing line, “Cat & Jack,” which features over 2,000 pieces of childrenswear designed by and for kids. With its eye on becoming the largest kids’ apparel brand in the U.S. and a sales target of $1 billion in the first year, Target enlisted Instagram’s most notable mothers, fathers, and children to promote their exciting new product line.

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Instagram Case Study Goals
  • Primary Goal: Promote the new “Cat & Jack” clothing line by working with Instagram’s most influential high-reach parents and their children.
  • Secondary Goal: Expand brand awareness to establish Target as a leading childrenswear brand in the United States.
  • Target partnered with six social media influencers—Luisa Fernanda Espinosa, Naomi Davis, Candace Parker, Judy Travis, Angie Keiser, and Andrew Null—to develop, publish, and promote brand sponsored Instagram photos showcasing Target’s new clothing line.
  • The company created the hashtag #CatandJack to help social media users find new branded content and inspire Instagram audiences to generate/share their own content around the campaign.
Campaign Results
  • Social Reach: By collaborating with only six social media influencers, Target’s campaign reached an audience of over 2.63 million people in the first two weeks.
  • Engagement: The “Cat & Jack” influencer marketing campaign received over 180K likes and generated 1,200 comments on 14 sponsored Instagram posts.
  • User-Generated Content: To date, the branded hashtag #catandjack has generated over 1,600 pieces of content from engaged social media audiences.

Instagram Campaign Examples

Judy Travis

Judy Travis, creator of the popular blog It’s Judy Time and corresponding social media accounts, showcases Target’s new line of children’s clothes for her 850K Instagram followers. Travis’ campaign content has generated 110K likes and nearly 700 Instagram comments to date.

Headed out to @Target to see what other cool things I can find. // #catandjack #targetstyle #sponsored A photo posted by Luisa Fernanda Espinosa (@luisafere) on

Luisa Espinosa

Espinosa’s engaging Instagram photos have helped the digital star grow her account to well over 600K followers, making her an excellent choice to help Target’s #CatandJack influencer marketing campaign reach a massive consumer base.

Naomi Davis

Better known by her social media persona Love Taza, Naomi Davis has become a leading voice among family-focused bloggers and an influential resource for thousands of parents. By partnering with Love Taza, Target was able to take advantage of the social media star’s clout and high levels of social media engagement.

The Takeaway For Brands

The success of Target’s #CatandJack campaign is a prime example of how collaborating with the right social media influencers can help a brand leverage the relationship between influencer and follower to reach and market to millions of engaged, interested consumers. Before developing an influencer marketing campaign, brands should first identify their target audience and select digital stars that speak directly to the needs and priorities of each marketing demographic.

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