Travel Vloggers Partner With PayPal For #PoleToPole Campaign

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PayPal recently concluded their latest marketing campaign: a worldwide trot featuring YouTuber Steve Booker and a cast of adjoining travel vloggers. The campaign chronicles the travels of Booker and company “Pole To Pole” as he attempts to complete the entire journey without spending any cash. Increasingly more travel, adventure (see GoPro’s latest creator grant program), tourism, and hospitality brands are seeking out top travel vloggers to execute advertising campaigns featuring the kind of aspirational lifestyle content that travels well across multiple social media platforms.   

Instagram Case Study: PayPal Partners With Travel Vloggers For Epic #PoleToPole Campaign

This case study is part of our ongoing Case Study Series. See video and select campaign examples below.

  • Primary Objective – build and drive brand awareness for PayPal’s versatility by partnering with well-followed, popular, and digitally-savvy travel vloggers to reach targeted audiences and users
  • Secondary Objective(s) – produce sponsored content alongside top content creators in order to galvanize new adopters from their audiences across multiple social channels
  • Identify and partner with top travel vloggers throughout all segments of the #PoleToPole globe trot
  • Authentically showcase vlogger’s use of PayPal integrated throughout key events traditionally involving cash
  • Cross-promote content throughout multiple social channels including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and travel blog sites


YouTube kick-off video for PayPal’s Pole To Pole Campaign

Why Major Travel & Hospitality Brands Are Sponsoring Travel Vloggers

PayPal Pole To Pole Campaign With Travel Vloggers

PayPal’s campaign resulted in significant social engagement across multiple platforms with new consumer audiences generated via sponsored travel vlogger content. Travel Vloggers have dedicated audiences who follow and curate their content to discover their latest explorations. For travel and hospitality brands, partnering with content creators benefits all parties including tuned-in audiences.

On Steve Booker’s Instagram channel alone, PayPal’s sponsored campaign generated close to 265,000 likes and over 1,200 comments. Additionally, PayPal enlisted the social community support of popular Instagram travel channel Passion Passport (444K followers) with adjoining interviews on their blog site.

By sponsoring high-traffic vloggers, photographers, and creators, brands can provide well-curated, experiential content to audiences and potential consumers. In similar fashion to the experience YouTube unboxing videos provide, sponsoring travel vloggers provides brands an opportunity to vicariously demo experiences for a wide variety of audiences planning the nuances of their next adventure.

PayPal’s #PoleToPole Campaign Examples From Travel Vloggers

Travel Vloggers Partner With PayPal For Pole To Pole Campaign

Check out the entire Instagram journey across both PayPal and Steve Booker’s Instagram Channel. Additionally, check out Steve Booker’s travel vlog channel on YouTube for an eight-part series highlighting checkpoints throughout the adventure. Here are select examples from Booker’s journey complete with adjoining content from creator friends in each country:

PayPal Pole To Pole Instagram Campaign With Top Travel Vloggers

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