YouTube Influencer Spotlight: The LaVigneLife

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YouTube Influencer Spotlight Feature: The LaVigne Life

Jerry and Dee, the couple behind growing family YouTube channel, TheLaVigneLife, document their family’s daily adventures, focusing on their two kids, Jerry III and Jordan. With fun, engaging content and great personalities, their YouTube channel is making its way up the ranks as one of the top family and lifestyle channels in the space. They artfully integrate branded sponsorships such as one for Blue Apron and another for Audible into their daily vlog videos, proving to be a valuable YouTube influencer and a must-watch for audiences. Read about why they started vlogging, what they filmed that went viral, and how they forsee the future of YouTube.

How did you get started vlogging?

The LaVigne Life was born a few months after having our first child, Jerry LaVigne III.  He was four months old when we decided to start recording our daily life with everyone, and we have not put down the camera since.

What was your first video?

Our very first video on The LaVigne Life is titled “Grab It If You Like It.”  This video was the first video leading to a bunch of great memories of our family and with our subscribers, better known as our Grapevines!

What was your breakout moment?

My breakout moment was when I (Jerry) did a portrait of Barack Obama and his wife.  It put my name out there.

Has anything you’ve posted gone viral?

We do have a viral video on The LaVigne Life titled “Breastfeeding the Baby.” It currently has 5.1 million views.

How has vlogging changed since you got started?

Vlogging has changed due to many other family and friends being involved and gaining a fan base.  We have put more time and effort into each vlog now than before.

Where do you see YouTube and vlogging evolving?

Youtube and vlogging to us is the newest form of entertainment for our generation.  Many people no longer watch television since becoming hooked on Youtube.  A lot of people always tell us how Youtube is their source for quality entertainment instead of watching what is on TV.

What’s on your list of daily watching?

We love to watch other Youtube vlog family channels, comedy channels, and Dee likes to watch beauty/fashion/fitness gurus.  AprilAthena7 is her favorite!

How do you keep up with social media?

It is our job and passion.  We love being in the know with social media, so it doesn’t really feel like something we have to keep up with or stay on top of.  It happens naturally.  Interacting with our Grapevines is a big part of our daily life, and we absolutely love it!

If you had more time, what would you do more of?

If I (Jerry) had more time, I would start doing portraits again, and focusing more on my art.

What advice would you give to a vlogger or YouTuber just getting started?

The one thing I would give for advice to any Youtuber wanting to get started, is to get started for the right reasons.  Get started because you know you will enjoy it and love it.  Do not start Youtube just for the money.

What advice would you have to brands looking to build a campaign or partner with YouTubers?

Brands should realize that YouTube influencers have a huge impact on an audience that TV can not gain, so it would be a wise investment for them to get connected to internet personalities.


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