Influencer Spotlight: Devin Graham of DevinSuperTramp on YouTube

Devin Graham devinsupertramp

YouTube star Devin Graham, better known by his YouTube name, DevinSuperTramp, makes extreme YouTube videos for his almost 2.5 million subscribers on a weekly basis. With his most popular video (Assassin’s Creed Meets Parkour In Real Life) currently at over 38 million views, he’s always working on his next extreme and creative way to shoot what no one else will. Since his first upload in 2010, Graham has been giving his subscribers nothing but “shots that no one else will get, and there’s usually a crazy story that goes along with each one.”

Originally, Graham went to BYU for film school to work on movies for the big screen, but as he went down that path, he discovered the value and monetary potential of YouTube, and experienced the power of being his own boss. During his time at BYU he went to Hawaii to work on a few projects, which is where he learned he could have a bigger voice online – creating his own content – than behind a big movie screen. He started making YouTube videos and immediately they started going viral. Extreme sports-lovers and scaredy-cats alike swarm together for Graham’s newest video uploads. Not only does his YouTube channel garner millions of fans, so does his social media channels. His staggering social stats are as follows:

Instagram: 150k followers

Facebook: 230k followers

Twitter: 108k followers

Now a film school drop-out, Graham has one of the largest followings within extreme YouTube video channels, and is being represented by Fullscreen. Graham has recently done large-scale campaigns with Ford and Mountain Dew. Below are a few examples of content found on Devin’s YouTube channel, as well as a look at his online campaign with Mountain Dew.

Mountain Dew Roadtrip Campaign:

Devin’s most popular video: Assassin’s Creed Meets Parkour In Real Life:

One of Devin’s typical extreme videos that goes viral within days: