Influencer Marketing Webinar: A Strategic Approach To Drive ROI In 2020


Much has changed in 2020 due to Coronavirus, the recession, and the rise of TikTok. Stay-at-home mandates have caused massive shifts in online consumer behavior and social media consumption to skyrocket. While many industries are facing a recession, there are significant opportunities across social media platforms and with influencers.

During these times, the Mediakix team is dedicated to providing advertisers with the best resources to maximize their advertising efforts. Business Insider recently shared our 50-page COVID-19 report on “how brands can still leverage influencers at home and best practices to follow when running a social media campaign.”

Our influencer marketing webinar is the first of many to follow designed to keep marketers abreast of these changing times, the latest trends, strategies and tactics used to drive results in 2020.

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Topics Covered In Our Influencer Marketing Webinar

1. About Mediakix

Since 2011, Mediakix has been an integral part of shaping the influencer marketing industry from being a strategic partner to many of the world’s top brands to pioneering much of the space’s thought leadership and original market research.

Learn more on our webinar about how we’ve enabled our clients to outstrip competitors, successfully leverage the effectiveness of influencer marketing, and marketing effectively in 2020.

2. Measurement – How To Evaluate Campaign Success

Measurement shouldn’t only happen once a campaign has launched or concluded. For us, effective measurement and evaluating campaign success starts at the inception of client engagement to properly understand and optimize campaigns for maximum results.

Compared to other forms of digital and social media marketing, influencer measurement has its nuances allowing it to be more powerful and much more akin to word-of-mouth testimonials. In our webinar, we’ll share the KPIs for influencer marketing brands need to know.

3. Results – See The Full Impact Beyond Numbers

Influencer marketing has proven effective for both direct response and branding initiatives however, done right, it can offer more than just KPIs and metrics.

Marketing with influencers is one of the few advertising methods that yields and combines tangible results with social sentiment, buzz/virality, trendiness and more. Our team shows you how to get the full picture of influencer marketing.

4. Why Influencers – Advantages, Market Factors

Due to its effectiveness, influencer marketing has transcended being a novelty into a major and indispensable advertising channel for brands of all kinds. Many brands have built entire businesses through influencers alone.

In 2020, influencers because of their reach and presence across social media are becoming even more viable. Our webinar will share the unique advantages influencers offer especially throughout COVID-19 and the recession.

5. The Challenges – Navigating Common Problems Within The Industry

Influencer marketing has proven to be just as effective if not more so than other forms of advertising. However, unlike many other forms of advertising, marketing with influencers presents its own set of unique challenges.

For those who’ve had mixed or sub-par results with influencers, we’ll share the common pitfalls and obstacles to be wary of and how to successfully identify and navigate these issues.

6. Influencer Tiers – Leveraging Tiers & Associated Pricing

As the industry developed (for both creators and their various platforms), various influencer tiers emerged. These include nano-, micro-, mid-tier et. al. Depending on your marketing objectives, spend, platform, etc., working with the right influencer tier(s) will make a big difference in results.

Influencer tiers can be different across each social media platform resulting in differing levels of pricing. In our webinar, we share the strengths and disadvantages of each tier.

influencer marketing webinar

7. Influencer Marketing Survey – Results & Key Finds From Industry Professionals

In 2019, we surveyed nearly 200 marketing professionals on influencer marketing. The finds by and far support influencer marketing but also teased out common concerns among advertisers. In our webinar we’ll share the key finds and takeaways and how these are applicable or not to the changing climate in 2020.

Influencer Marketing webinar

8. How To Evaluate The Right Influencer Marketing Partner

Launching campaigns with influencers can happen on a wide variety of levels — from attempting to manage campaigns in-house to learning how to use an influencer marketing platform to working with agencies, networks, talent managers, etc.

We share how to evaluate for the right partner and the seven questions to ask when vetting.

9. 2020 Influencer Marketing Trends & Evolutions

TikTok trends, Instagram Reels, nano-influencers and more — there’s certainly a lot changing in and affecting the social media landscape for marketers to stay on top of. Learn about what’s new, important and trending in our webinar.


10. Mediakix Client Case Studies & Results

We share our client case studies across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok complete with each brand’s goal(s) and results (including engagement rate, views, and creative campaign assets developed).
See how we worked with top brands across different verticals to achieve standout results.

11. Question & Answer

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We’re Looking Forward To Chatting Influencer Marketing With You On Our Webinar!

While we’re in the midst of uncertain times, your marketing strategy doesn’t need to be. Join Evan Asano, 10-year influencer marketing veteran, and Zoe Marans (8-year influencer marketing expert) for what you need to know about influencers in 2020.