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Influencer Marketing Trends: Snapchat Surpasses Instagram In Time Spent On App, YouTube MCNs Evolve, & More

This week’s Mediakix blog articles focused on the best Snapchat accounts for boosting one’s I.Q., the best YouTube brand-sponsored videos from 2015, and paid vs. unpaid infographic on why brands should pay social influencers instead of providing non-monetary compensation (or none at all). We also compiled a list of the top food-related Snapchatters and developed an infographic for the 13 most popular types of YouTube videos.

For our Friday roundup of influencer marketing trends, news, and insights, we report on how Snapchat now bests Instagram in terms of time spent on the app, how YouTube MCNs are continuing to evolve and grow, and top Vine influencer King Bach’s latest partnership. We also look at why Snapchat’s new study may prove their ads are more effective than Facebook’s.

People Now Spend More Time On Snapchat Than Instagram

According to a recent report by Business Insider and information collected by San Franciso-based analyst firm App Annie, people now spend more time on Snapchat than on Instagram. The data also shows that Snapchat is now the 6th most popular app in terms of monthly active users. Facebook, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Google Maps, and Instagram held spots 1–5, respectively.

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To reinforce Snapchat’s growth and popularity, a recent eMarketer study predicts that the messaging app’s United States user base will grow almost 30% in 2016, bringing Snapchat’s total users to nearly 60 million (good enough to surpass Twitter’s 56 million U.S. users and Pinterest 55 million users). If the current trend continues, by the year 2020, 1 in 4 Americans will be on Snapchat.

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The Continuing Evolution Of YouTube MCNs

From Fullscreen Entertainment to Maker Studios, YouTube MCNs are diversifying beyond selling pre-roll ads to brands and marketers, writes Digiday’s Sahil Patel. Today, the biggest multi-channel networks are becoming full-scale entertainment companies, with in-house advertising and influencer marketing agencies, streaming services, and production studios. These changes come at a time when the most popular YouTube videos are garnering millions of views and top YouTubers are becoming mainstream celebrities in their own right.

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Two-Thirds Of Snapchat Ads Are Viewed With Sound On

A study conducted by Snapchat and analytics firm Moat found that the majority of Snapchat users experience ads with the sound on, further distinguishing the efficacy of Snapchat advertising from rival Facebook’s ad offerings (where ads typically autoplay with the sound off). Snapchat also claims that, because users must click on ads to see them, every Snapchat ad is viewed by a real person with 100% visibility (Wall Street Journal).

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Viner King Bach Signs With Influencer Network Collab

According to Tubefilter, top Viner and Snapchatter King Bach has signed with influencer network Collab in an effort to expand the star’s original programming and facilitate partnerships with brands. With over 15 million followers on Vine, Bach is the most popular digital influencer on the 6-second video app.

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