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Influencer Marketing Trends & News Roundup: Snapchat Hits 10 Billion Views, The Rise Of Micro-Influencers & More!

This week, Mediakix wrapped our coverage of how brands partnered with social media influencers at Coachella 2016 by publishing an exclusive Coachella Marketing Case Study [free PDF download]. We also created an engaging infographic comparing Snapchat and Instagram, examined the ways that brands can reach out to influencers—specifically, how companies can find Snapchat influencers—and looked at Sonic Drive In’s creative #Squarespace campaign that shook Instagram.

For our influencer marketing trends and news roundup overviewing the latest industry happenings, we explore how top YouTubers like Louis Cole (Fun For Louis) and Dave Erasmus are traveling the globe in search of social entrepreneurs, the surprising engagement rates of “micro-influencers,” and why Snapchat is now the undisputed king of social video.

YouTubers Travel The World To Fund Social Entrepreneurs

In a recent article, we looked at how social media stars are using their influence to enact social change. To illustrate this, top YouTube stars Louis Cole (of Fun For Louis) and Dave Erasmus are now embarking on a month-long global tour to find and support social entrepreneurs (by funding seven entrepreneurial ideas) in some of the biggest cities around the world. Named “The Solvey Project,” the adventure will take the duo to Ethiopia, Dubai, India, China, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, and Iceland (Forbes).

Non-Celebrity Influencers 10x More Likely To Inspire Purchases

A survey of over 14,000 consumers conducted by Collective Bias found that 70% of Millennials preferred recommendations from digital stars over advice from traditional celebrities. The survey also highlighted the shortcomings of traditional advertising mediums—among the least influential forms of advertising, 7.4% of respondents pointed to television commercials, 4.7% named print advertisements, and 4.5% said digital ads were the least influential ways for brands to sway in-store purchases (ZDNet).

Snapchat Reportedly Reaches 10 Billion Daily Video Views

Snapchat is officially the new king of social video. A recent article in Bloomberg reported that Snapchat users are now watching 10 billion videos a day on the app, a rise of nearly 2 billion from February 2016 when Snapchat’s 8 billion video views were tied with Facebook’s figures. Snapchat has since confirmed the number of video views.

For the most impressive Snapchat statistics you need to know, see our blog post here.

“Micro-Influencers” See Twice The Engagement Rates Of High-Reach Digital Stars

A new study by technology firm Markerly found that, as social media stars’ Instagram followers increase, user engagement tends to decrease. Instagrammers with 1,000 followers or less receive “likes” on 8% of their photos or videos. In comparison, social media stars with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers see a “like” rate of 4%, influencers with between 10,000 to 100,000 followers see a 2.37% “like” rate, and digital stars with between 1 million and 10 million followers had a “like” rate of 1.66% (Marketing Dive). For brands, the effectiveness of these “micro-influencers” reinforces an important point: bigger audiences are not always better

YouTube Announces New 6-Second Unskippable Ads

A recent article by Tubefilter describes a new type of “unskippable” YouTube ad called “Bumpers.” The ads, which are only 6 seconds long, are meant to appeal to social media audiences now accustomed to shorter videos (a la Snapchat and Vine). Now in the testing phase, both Atlantic Records and Audi have begun developing Bumper YouTube ads.

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