Influencer Marketing News: TV On YouTube, Snapchat Dominates For Teens, More

Influencer Marketing News YouTube Carries TV Snapchat Teen Popularity

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Influencer Marketing News Roundup: Snapchat Is A New Leader, YouTube’s New TV Content, & More

This week on the Mediakix blog, we showed you how a beer brand partnered with a famous doctor on Instagram and how the Masterminds movie used social media stars for their marketing campaign. Additionally, we took a look at one of the dominant sports categories on social with the top 20 soccer stars to follow on Instagram (infographic), and interviewed top fashion bloggers and social media influencer, Jessica Ricks of Hapa Time.

Today’s Friday roundup of influencer marketing news will dive into YouTube’s new televised content, Snapchat’s burgeoning popularity, and more:

Snapchat The New Leader With Teens & Brands?

Facebook is attempting to emulate Snapchat Stories with a new feature called Messenger Day (TechCrunch). Looking to catch ephemeral moments, Messenger Day will be catching everyday moments with friends and family, testing first in Australia.

A new report finds that Snapchat is the most preferred (by a margin) social platform for teenagers with 80% of teens using the app at least once per month (AdWeek). In comparison, 79% of teenagers were opening Instagram once a month and only 53% of teens used Facebook once a month (AdWeek).

Snapchat’s overall popularity is evident with widespread use across different brands and institutions. For instance, this week Disney announced that it will be partnering with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to build memes on the internet (Mashable).

The Disney and LACMA teams will be using hand-drawn Snapchat overlaps to contemporize the 130,000 works in the Museum, and will be features on the LACMA and OhMyDisney Snapchat accounts (Mashable). By using Snapchat, this marketing effort will allow audiences to view art with trendy references, and will bring the experience of art through a culturally relevant social media platform.

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YouTube To Now Carry Online & Network TV

Google/YouTube will be carrying CBS on YouTube in 2017. The package includes all CBS content, including live NFL games, and is priced between $30 and $40 (CNBC). While Google is also looking to also carry networks Fox and Disney, it is still looking to make content of its own (CNBC).

YouTube Red, which has seen promising returns, is launching a new line of funded original programs led by YouTube’s influencers (Tubefilter). With increasing original content and televised network content available online, YouTube may soon become one of the most powerful, all-inclusive advertising tool at any marketer’s disposal.

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U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority On Influencers

Influencer marketing is undoubtedly becoming more popular with brands, however both influencers and brands in the U.K. are still not completely transparent. In fact, posts that flout the U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority to disclose sponsored content are widespread on all social media platforms (Digiday).

Brands and influencers are not looking to disclose ads to avoid punishment by platform algorithms, however lack of disclosure may lead to legal conflicts (Digiday). Further, audiences can often discern sponsored content from non-sponsored content, and respond best to content that is undisguised and authentic.

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Social Media Endorsements Are Now Mainstream

With over 200,000 posts per month on Instagram tagged with hashtags associated with sponsored content (#ad, #sp, #sponsored, etc.), it is clear that influencer marketing is an advertising strategy that is here to stay (The Economist). Not only does influencer marketing offer consumers access to the lives of figures they admire, it also allows brands to build relationships with potentials customers that traditional methods would not be able to reach (The Economist). This has significant implications for businesses’ marketing strategies budgets and social media influencer earnings (The Economist).

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