Influencer Marketing News: Twitter Lays Off 10% Of Its Employees, Kills Vine Too

Influencer Marketing News Weekly Roundup Twitter Kills Vine

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Influencer Marketing News Weekly Roundup: R.I.P. Vine, Facebook’s Branded Content, Instagram’s Live Video

This week on the Mediakix blog, we showed you the 10 statistics showing the decline of TV advertising, shared the secret behind ASMR, and reminisced on Vine’s contribution to online content.

Today’s Friday roundup of influencer marketing news will dive into Facebook’s new branded content label, Google and Disney’s trouble with the FTC, Instagram’s (yet another) new feature to rival Snapchat, and more:

Facebook Finally Has A Branded Content Label

Facebook’s launch of Verified Pages will allow public figures to share branded content with their followers. These profiles will be marked with a blue checkmark badge that signified that Facebook has confirmed the page’s authenticity for a public figure, media company, or brand (Facebook).

On the other hand, a gray checkmark badge represents confirmation of a business or organization. This move protects Facebook and its partners from FTC violations on non-disclosed sponsorships, and will allow Facebook to gain revenue indirectly from branded content deals (The Variety).

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Twitter Shutters Vine, Its $30M Breakout Social Video App

Twitter has announced that it will be closing the Vine mobile app, a video sharing app that Twitter had acquired in 2012 for $30 million (BBC). While Vine exploded into pop culture in 2013, it popularity has severely waned, especially in the face of competition from Snapchat.

Despite disappearing as a platform, Vine contributed greatly to the rise of several social media stars, including King Bach, Logan Paul, and Shawn Mendes (Tubefilter). Twitter has not announced the exact date Vine will be shut down, but for now, users still will be able to download their favorites videos online.

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Impending Live Video Challenge: ‘Go Insta’ vs. Snapchat

Instagram is meeting Snapchat’s challenge to become the leader in social media for Millennials. Earlier this week, leaked screenshots suggest that Instagram is planning to launch a live video streaming service called ‘Go Insta’ to take on Snapchat’s video offerings (Daily Mail).

It seems that Facebook is looking to bulk up its live video features alongside the launch of Facebook Live in April, and Go Insta will fall in line with Zuckerberg’s vision that video will be the dominating form of content in the coming years (Daily Mail).

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FTC Complaints Put Google And Disney In Danger

A new complaint filed to the FTC by CCFC, Public Citizen, and the Center for Digital Democracy on Friday calls out Google’s YouTube, YouTube Kids, Disney’s Maker Studios, Awesomeness TV, among others to be guilty of deceptive advertising through influencer marketing (TechCrunch). These complaints circle around arguments that children are unable to distinguish between content and paid advertising that push product.

The FTC requires by law that paid content must be disclosed, however, many influencers and the brands sponsoring them fail to do so properly. For instance, groups have complained that YouTube Kids, which is marketed to children under 5, have hidden junk food ads (TechCrunch). Brands working with influencers should look to experts to publish their content legally and ethically, as responsibility falls on both businesses and influencers.

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With over 133 million users in the world, has been changing pop music from Muser to Muser (Billboard). The video sharing app allows users to share how they experience music, from lip-syncing to mini dance videos. So far, it has been mainly used as a promotional vehicle for heavy hitting pop stars including Selena Gomez, Jason Derulo, and Hailee Steinfeld.

However,’s content has generated a whole new batch of social influencers on its own, including Baby Ariel, Jacob Satorius, and The Perkins Sisters, each with at least 13 million followers (Billboard). The app delivers staggering and dynamic engagement, attracting not just music labels, but advertisers from all brands as well.

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