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Influencer Marketing News Roundup: Tumblr To Pay Content Creators, Intel & PayPal Tap YouTube Influencers, & More

This week on the Mediakix blog, we presented the four best Snapchat Influencer takeovers, shared how brands can beat low Instagram engagement rates, and broke down the 10 biggest influencer marketing statistics this year. Additionally, we evaluated why marketers need to heed Facebook Live’s strategy with top content creators and wrote about the five ways social influencers are changing digital advertising.

Today’s Friday roundup of influencer marketing news will dive into Intel and PayPal’s partnership with top YouTubers, why Tumblr is now paying content creators a cut of advertising revenue, Facebook’s take of digital advertising dollars, and more.

Intel & PayPal Partner With Top YouTubers For Unboxing Campaigns

This week, Intel and PayPal are using top YouTube influencers to debut their new products to consumers. Intel is reaching out to YouTube tech unboxers—Unbox Therapy, Linus Tech Tips, and Joanne Tech Lover—to “unbox” their commitment to using conflict-free alternative minerals for their processors.

Similarly, PayPal has recruited sneaker unboxing comedian Brad Hall to reveal Venmo’s new Enhanced Payment setting to purchase merchandise directly with the app. The immense popularity of YouTube unboxing videos has pushed major brands to partner with YouTube influencers in order to reach larger audiences, create hype, and ultimately, increase sales.

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Social Media Advertising On Facebook Generates $22B

Facebook is ranked as the largest recipient of social media advertising in the world, taking in more than two-thirds of social media ad revenues, totaling to an estimate of $22.4B (eMarketer). As both time spent on social media platforms and social media spend continue to escalate, social media influencers who maintain and engage communities of millions on several platforms and channels will become increasingly more important for viable marketing opportunities.

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Tumblr Debuts Ad Revenue Sharing With Content Creators

Tumblr will be introducing ads that pay its bloggers a cut of sales, joining other major social platforms Facebook and YouTube to maintain its user base of top social influencers (Adweek). Adversely, Vine’s top stars are leaving as the platform does not provide cultural and financial dependability for its creators. Alongside these major social media platforms, brands and marketers alike are also seeking to leverage the reach and engagement of these top content creators through sponsored posts and cross-platform marketing campaigns.

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Television Now Working With YouTubers To Attract Viewers

Television networks are drawing on social media stars to bring online audiences back to TV. Food Network recently announced their partnership with YouTube star Hannah Hart, and NBC is diverting a chunk of its Olympics marketing spending to social influencers who have a collective following of 120 million (Variety). Now, top digital influencers are expanding their reach across different media platforms and offering a unique pathway for brands to advertise seamlessly and across multiple touchpoints.

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