Influencer Marketing News Roundup: Facebook Delivers Another Blow To Snapchat

Influencer Marketing News Roundup

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Influencer Marketing News Roundup: Facebook & Snapchat’s Escalating War & More 

This week, we interviewed top YouTube influencer Peanut Butter Gamer, analyzed how brands are using Geofilters on Snapchat, broke down the top 10 YouTube statistics that marketers need to know, and created a comprehensive, step-by-step “Influencer Marketing Roadmap” to help brands develop their own campaigns. We also evaluated the efficacy of cost per engagement compensation for social media influencers and shared “The 10 Biggest Social Media Trends” that are dominating and reshaping the space today.

Today’s Friday roundup of influencer marketing news will dive into advertising opportunities with Twitter and Snapchat, Apple’s new foray into social media, Facebook’s newest assault on Snapchat’s growth, and more.

Twitter Continues Monetizing Tweets

Twitter has announced that it will extend an existing ad program that allows content creators to run pre-roll ads in front of content for ad revenue. Revenue will be split 70-30, with 70% going to the influencer and 30% going to Twitter, and be determined on a per-tweet basis (AdWeek).

Twitter (like YouTube, Facebook, and several other platforms) is using ad revenue as a means to keep content creators, their audiences, and advertisers on the platform. As influencers begin taking ad revenue from Twitter, marketers should evaluate their relationship with brand influencers to create a comprehensive Twitter strategy.

Snapchat Suggests New Advertising Tactics

Snapchat’s incredible growth in popularity in the past two years—83.9% in 2014 and 40.7% in 2015—shows that it has the capacity to keep up with other social media platforms and apps, even when it comes to advertising (eMarketer). Currently, Snapchat is strongly recommending that marketers place shorter video ads between Stories (from 7–10 seconds) and within Live Stories (from 5–7 seconds, according to Marketing Land).

Snapchat has also been telling brands that its viewers have a two-second attention span for ads before they swipe past to reach their desired content. The recommendation for change in ad time is forcing marketers to either edit current ads or create new ads completely, and to develop content that captures attention from the first second it appears on the screen.

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Facebook & Instagram Delivers (Yet) Another Blow To Snapchat

Facebook is adding a Snapchat-like “instant video” feature to its messaging app that allows users to send real-time videos in an existing conversation. While audio is off by default, users are able to turn on sound if they choose. The video hovers over the text conversation so that a user can continue texting while watching the video (TechCrunch).

Instagram, too, is looking to both compete with and differentiate its Stories features from Snapchat’s by bringing personalized suggestions to users (Marketing Dive). As Facebook and Instagram are bolstering their platforms with Snapchat-like features, marketers should look to distinguish strategies on each platform.

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Apple Joins The Social Media Race

Apple is seeking to integrate social networking into its mobile products. The upcoming update of the mobile operating system will integrate animated effects for iMessage to compete with Facebook’s Messenger (Bloomberg). Apple is also currently developing a simple video sharing app that allows users to record video, apply filters and drawings, and send content through user’s contacts or via existing social networks (Bloomberg).

While the app is still in a preliminary stage, Apple’s decision to create a new app indicates the importance of social sharing as a function of a quality device.

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