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Influencer Marketing News: Snapchat Partners With Oracle, Instagram 2016 Engagement Rates, & More

This week in influencer marketing news, we examine the growing percentage of marketers who now work with top social media influencers, Instagram’s 2016 engagement rates, why Snapchat is teaming up with technology firm Oracle, and more.

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80% Of Marketers Now Work With Influencers In Some Capacity

A recent survey of 500 marketing industry professionals found that 80% of marketers now work with social media influencers in some way, according to Takumi, an influencer marketing network. Respondents said that YouTube was the largest platform for influencer marketing campaigns, garnering 57% of all initiatives, while Twitter (51%) and Instagram (40%) were the second- and third-most popular platforms. (The Drum).

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Snapchat Partners With Oracle To Prove Ad Effectiveness

This week, Snapchat announced a partnership with Oracle, a technology firm specializing in cloud-based applications and data, to prove the efficacy of the app’s advertising offerings. According to Bloomberg Business, Snapchat has recruited as many as 10 third-party firms to help show that advertisements on the ephemeral messaging app are actually driving conversions and sales and leading to quantifiable engagement.

In related news, Snapchat also expanded its marketing capabilities for brands by launching “Snap Ads,” which place advertisements between users’ Stories, though not between Snaps within the Stories themselves (Tubefilter).

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Instagram Interaction Plunges By 33%

New research from Quintly, a social media analytics company, found that social interactions (in the form of “likes” and comments) have declined 33% on the platform, this despite an increase in the frequency of Instagram posts. Further analysis shows that falling levels of engagement are not because users are losing interest in the platform itself, but rather because audiences are now being inundated with content (EConsultancy).

For brands, partnering with top Instagrammers can increase post engagement and, in the wake of Instagram’s new algorithm, guarantee that sponsored posts will be seen.

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Unboxing Videos Come To Snapchat

Taking a cue from YouTube content creators, social media influencers and publishers are now developing unboxing videos—or in this case, unboxing Stories—to introduce audiences to new products. According to Digiday’s Yuyu Chen, publishers like GQ and brands like Benefit Cosmetics are utilizing this successful marketing strategy to boost user engagement and increase brand/product exposure to new, younger audiences.

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