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Influencer Marketing News Roundup: Google Buys Its First Influencer Platform, Chipotle’s New Snapchat Show, & More

This week on the Mediakix blog, we showed you the top 20 Facebook stars and creators in an infographic, shared how lad culture publisher Unilad partnered with MMA to livestream fights on Facebook Live, and broke down the significance of Google buying influencer marketing platform Famebit.

In anticipation of its release, we also shared how popular drone maker DJI is marketing the release of its pocket-sized Mavic Pro with top YouTubers. Previously we published a comparison infographic on DJI Mavic Pro’s biggest direct competitor (to be released just a few days later), GoPro’s Karma.  

Today’s Friday roundup of influencer marketing news will dive into how fast food giants are charting new ways to reach Gen Z and Millennials via influencer marketing, Snap Inc.’s biggest moves, and more:

Google Goes In On Influencer Marketing Platform Technology

This week, Google announced that it has acquired FameBit, a self-service technology that connects social media influencers and advertisers, to bolster branded content deals in online video (Wall Street Journal; Variety).

Google’s unification of network and technology aims to bring added value to brands and creators and will drive even more revenue to the online video community (Mashable). Google’s acquisition of influencer marketing platform technology offers a solid boost of confidence to the future of influencer marketing (and hints that influencer marketing will be a mainstay both now and in the future of advertising).

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QSRs Using Influencer Marketing, Chipotle’s School Of Guac’ Snapchat Programming

McDonald’s and Chipotle are finding new ways to reach Millennials through social media and influencer marketing. McDonald’s has been using young celebrities and social media influencers to capture content and create entertainment for young people on Instagram (Wall Street Journal). Despite McDonald’s attempts at authenticity, the marketing technique is not being delivered seamlessly and audiences are finding that the content “feels forced” (Wall Street Journal). 

On the other hand, Chipotle seems to have a great grip of its new Snapchat School of Guac’ series, which features digital content creator Lorena Russi in a minute-long episodes reminiscent of a variety show and satirical news program crossover (Digiday). At the show’s core is Chipotle’s dedication to pop culture, burrito culture, and Snap culture (Digiday).

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Chase Bank Chasing New Families And Millennials With Influencers

J.P. Morgan Chase is also looking to create a series of how-to videos with that aim to move customers to use Chase’s mobile and online banking options (Econsultancy). It is partnering with The Holderness Family, a family of four, to create a “Banking That Rocks” series to make financial services more relevant and fun. While Chase’s efforts with The Holderness Family may not necessarily generate a series of viral hits, the banking institution’s collaboration will lead to creative, relevant content that’s viewed, engaged, and shared with an adjoining long shelf-life.

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Snapchat Going All The Way Up

Snapchat, now Snap Inc., valued at $25 billion, is running its IPO in March of next year and is the most anticipated tech IPO since Alibaba (Business Insider). Snap expects to make between $250-350 million in advertising revenue in 2016, and reports suggest that the company is capable of generating $1 billion in revenue in 2017 (Business Insider). Even more, Snapchat’s revenue, comprised almost entirely of video ads and sponsored content, is expected increase more than fourfold (Bloomberg).

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Still, Snap is still looking to improve the Snapchat platform which includes adding a new Story Playlist feature and opening opportunities for Hollywood producers to pitch programming ideas. The new Story Playlist, intended to replace Auto Advance, will allow users to select Stories they want to watch and view them in full screen in the order they choose (AdWeek). This will allow users to better manage their followings and curate what content they watch.

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Snapchat is also courting media and production companies to create original content for its Discover section (Digiday). Content that Snapchat is looking for a variety of short-form content such as competition/ reality shows, prank series, and comedy sketches ranging between 2-6 minutes long (Digiday). Snapchat’s release of new features and bolstering from an IPO represents how Snapchat stands as an essential component in the advertising industry.

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