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This Week’s Influencer Marketing Roundup: Instagram’s Rebrand, The Power Of Influencers, & More

This week our original blog content focused on the fate of today’s biggest YouTube MCNs, 5 brands that are simply crushing Snapchat marketing, and how retail giant Zara got to 10 million Instagram followers almost overnight. We also examined Hawaii’s outrageously successful #LetHaiwaiiHappen campaign and looked at how brands can reach customers through creative YouTube product placements.

For our Friday The 13th influencer marketing roundup and recap, we look into Instagram’s big rebrand, explore social media stars’ increasing ability to influence purchasing decisions, delve into why big brands like Victoria Secret and Starbucks are experimenting with advertising on the new social media polling platform Wishbone, and more.

90% Of Women Who Use Social Media Interact With Brands Digitally

A survey of over 11,000 women by Adweek and Influenster, a product review site, found that 75% of U.S. female social media users interact with brands digitally multiple times per week, either through the company’s website, the brand’s social media account, or through branded content. Of the women surveyed, only 1% said they never interact with brands online (eMarketer). Companies that traditionally market to women, therefore, must have a strong social media marketing presence in order to capture the attention of the majority of female consumers.

60% Of Consumers Prefer The Advice Of YouTubers Over Celebrities

According to a recent Think With Google survey, 60% of YouTube subscribers would follow the advice of their favorite YouTuber over a traditional celebrity when it comes to making a purchase. The report also cites that 40% of consumers visited an online or brick-and-mortar store after seeing a branded YouTube video on their smartphone, and 28% of those same consumers ended up purchasing a product or service.

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Instagram Unveils New Logo, Rebrand

In the company’s first major rebrand in years, Instagram has updated its iconic “Polaroid-style” camera logo, replacing the beloved icon with a sleek, modern camera and multi-colored design. In addition to updating the logo, Instagram has simplified its user interface, opting for a minimalist design that allows photos and videos to capture users’ attention. “We believe the color should come directly from the community’s photos and videos,” said Ian Spalter, Instagram’s Head of Design (Marketing Dive).

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Users Trust Influencers As Much As Friends On Twitter

A recent joint study by Twitter and Annalect, an analytics firm, discovered that 40% of survey respondents have purchased an item online after seeing it promoted by a social media influencer on Twitter or seeing it used by an Instagrammer, YouTuber, or Viner. The study also found that product sales increased 2.7 times when users are exposed to tweets from brands and increased 5.2 times when users are exposed to tweets from both brands and brand-sponsored influencers (Adweek).

New Social Media App Wishbone Attracting Millions Of Teens

According to Digiday, Wishbone, a tap-to-vote survey/polling app, has attracted 4 million monthly active users since the platform launched a year ago. Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Starbucks have all started experimenting with advertising on Wishbone to market to the app’s primarily teenage, female user-base. 

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