Influencer Marketing News: Snapchat Spectacles Launch Via Vending Machine Bots

Influencer Marketing News Snapchat Spectacles Instagram New Features

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Influencer Marketing News Weekly Roundup: Snapchat’s New Spectacles, Instagram Debuts New Stories Features, & More

This week on the Mediakix blog, we shared an inside look at how Snap Inc.’s (formerly Snapchat, Inc.) first hardware product Spectacles will function within Snapchat’s app. In light of all the buzz surrounding Snapchat’s new video camera sunglasses, see our articles on the top 10 Snapchat Statistics you should know for 2016, an infographic look at how Snapchat’s demographics break down, and also the top Snapchat influencers to follow. Additionally, see our post on how Snapchat’s virality may have hastened Vine’s death 

Additionally, see our post on how Snapchat’s virality may have hastened Vine’s death, a side-by-side comparison look at Snapchat Stories vs. Instagram Stories, and how brands can effectively work with influencers on Snapchat Takeovers in six major steps.  

Today’s Friday roundup of the latest influencer marketing news will dive into Snap’s Spectacles product release, Instagram’s growth in advertising options, and more:

Spectacular Spectacles Released In Vending Machines, Snapbots

Snap’s release of Spectacles were made available today for $130 from “Snapbot” vending machines in Venice Beach, right by Snap headquarters (The Verge). Snapbots will be the only place where anyone can buy a pair of Spectacles (at least for the first few months). The Snapbots will travel around the country to sell the device. Snap’s approach to the product, from distribution, design, use, and distribution, is reflective of the cool, clever, and fresh culture that Snap represents (TechCrunch).

The product itself records 10-second video clips with an 115-degree angle lens, and mimics viewing from the human eye. Videos taken with Spectacles will be sent to Memories within Snapchat, and can be edited on the app (Business Insider). The Spectacles will certainly change the capacity of users to create and post content, and bolsters Snap’s reputation a leading communications and emerging camera company.

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Instagram New Stories Features Differentiates Further From Snapchat Stories 

Instagram recently shared its 29% UK growth to 18 million monthly active users (MAUs) in just the last year (The Drum). Currently, the app is on track to generate more than $1.85 billion in ad revenues worldwide and has grown to over 500,000 advertisers looking to build their brands (eMarketer). For more information on Instagram demographics and user statistics, see our article here

Instagram’s success with advertisers and audiences alike is prompting new and exciting features. Just yesterday, Instagram announced significant user-experience altering new features including the ability add clickable URL links, tag friends, and create Boomerangs in Instagram Stories (TechCrunch). Last week, Instagram launched Shoppable Ads allowing brands to tag products and to link to the product purchase pages has courted retailers worldwide, bolstering both ad revenue for Instagram and product discovery for brands (Digiday). Both these new Stories features and ad options give businesses more opportunities to reach out to their consumers in authentic, engaging, and efficient ways.

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Role Reversal: Snapchat Takes From Instagram

Instagram is finally attempting to differentiate its Stories features from the original feature that was copied from Snapchat by introducing mentions, links and Boomerang to its Stories (The Verge). In fact, it seems that Instagram Stories has been so differentiated that Snapchat is taking a page from Instagram’s book and mimicking successful features.  

Now Snapchat is adopting Instagram Stories’ rewind feature to allow users to catch photos or videos they missed (Tubefilter). In addition, users are now also able to send Snaps from one friend’s story to other friends, a feature that was once only available for the Discover section (The Verge).

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Facebook Takes On Camera And Messaging Games

Facebook is taking on Snapchat on all fronts emphasizing how the camera as the future of sharing and communicating (Business Insider). Currently, Facebook is testing a Snapchat-like camera on the interface of the News Feed, which will allow users to send 24-hour disappearing goofy selfies to friends (Business Insider). Even more, WhatsApp, a Facebook holding, is experimenting with “Status,” a new feature that mimics Snapchat Stories, allowing users to share pictures and videos with overlays (TechCrunch).

To add to Facebook’s momentum, Facebook’s Messenger extension is preparing to launch “Instant Games”, a platform that will enable users to play lightweight games against friends and boost engagement on the platform (TechCrunch). Marketers should look forward to Facebook’s growth (including its recent developments for Facebook Video and Livestreaming) as an all-inclusive, well-populated, and highly engaged social media platform. 

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