Influencer Marketing News: YouTube Tests Messaging, Snapchat Search Bar, & More

Influencer Marketing News YouTube Messaging Snapchat Search
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The Latest Influencer Marketing News & Insights: YouTube Tests Messaging, Snapchat’s Universal Search, & More

This week, we shared on the Mediakix blog:

Today’s Friday roundup of influencer marketing news will dive into YouTube’s newest social networking features, Facebook’s rivival, D&G’s and MAC’s influencer campaigns, and more:

YouTube Tests Messaging For Social Networking

YouTube stated that it founded more than 1,000 YouTubers with over 1 million subscribers in the past year, and is only looking to foster a platform for more collaboration (Tubefilter). Its implementation of new features in 2017 is indicative of this mission.

This week, YouTube introduced a new in-app messaging platform currently testing in Canada (TechCrunch). The messaging feature will allow users to message, connect, and share using clips, links, and text within the platform (TheNextWeb). This will position YouTube as a social media networking platform rival as opposed to just an online video database.

Rather than having internet users discuss and chat over videos on YouTube on other social media platforms, YouTube is providing the tools for users to stay and share conversations within its own platform. YouTube’s social networking messaging experiment and YouTube’s recent addition of Super Chats is in line with the platform’s mission to increase and maintain user engagement in the future.

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How Facebook Got Its Groove Back

In the past few years, Facebook faced user engagement and sharing decline coinciding with the rise of youth gravitation towards new social platforms, Instagram and Snapchat (Fortune). This year, however, studies show that 65% of teens upped their daily usage of Facebook (eMarketer). Even more, daily usage of Facebook among teens is still higher than that of Snapchat and Instagram.

The addition and success of Facebook Live may have a part in greater engagement. Facebook Live, launched in 2016, aimed to attract users with the paid partnership of social media influencers and media companies. Facebook’s investment may have paid off, as reports show that US internet users say they have watched live video most on Facebook, cementing its position as a leader in livestreaming (Tubefilter).

This is not to say that Facebook is reluctant to break partnerships with its content creators. Reportedly, Facebook will not be renewing contracts to pay publishers for making live videos on its platforms (Recode). Rather, Facebook will be looking to create original, high-quality content found similarly on online streaming services such as Netflix. To finance publishers on Live, Facebook will likely use its coming mid-roll advertising as monetization incentive (Wall Street Journal).

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Snapchat Finally Gets Universal Search

Snapchat became more accessible this week with the addition of a universal search bar accessed at the top of the app. The search function will enable users to find friends, groups, publishers, and local stories or events (Tubefilter). Overall, users will be able to locate needed elements faster so they will be able to keep snapping.

Once criticized for having a confusing layout, Snapchat’s universal search will simplify the user experience and likely be followed with new revenue opportunities (TechCrunch). For instance, advertisers may be able to pay for sponsored placement in search results to build greater audiences on their accounts. Moreover, universal search will give Snapchat an opportunity to suggest accounts to users to follow so the platform doesn’t become stale.

Additionally, Snapchat is allowing users to submit to Our Story, the app’s curated story, at any time from anywhere (TechCrunch). Our Story will no longer be restricted to only preselected events, and will take in submission trends, adding to its new theme of universality.

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Social Influencers Found In Luxury Fashion & Beauty

Dolce & Gabbana’s latest show in Milan featured a slew of social media stars including Cameron Dallas, an influencer on up-and-coming social networking app, (Billboard). With social media connecting consumers around the world, it is natural that luxury brands are looking to communicate with future customers through influencer marketing. Dolce & Gabbana is looking to commit to the Snapchat generation, also recruiting a band of social media teens to “break the internet” (Vogue).

Similarly, MAC Cosmetics is seeking out popular social media influencers in limited edition influencer-named lipstick shades. Shades will be named with hashtags #MACxFleurDeForce and #MACxGabrielZamora (Tubefilter). Here, social influencers are playing the main role in a consumer’s purchase decision, indicating future adoption of influencers in product creation and branding.

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