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Influencer Marketing News Roundup

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Influencer Marketing News Roundup: Warner Bros.’ FTC Troubles, Pokémon Go, & More

This week in influencer marketing news, we take a look at how Warner Bros.’ influencer marketing misstep landed the company in hot water with the FTC, the explosive popularity of mobile gaming app Pokémon Go, Snapchat’s newest object recognition software, and more.

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Warner Bros. In Violation Of FTC Regulations

This week, America’s advertising watchdog, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), found Warner Bros. Home Entertainment to be in violation of deceptive advertising regulations after it failed to make sure social media influencers (including top YouTube gamer PewDiePie) disclosed that they were being paid to play and promote the game “Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.” The violation comes in the wake of increased FTC scrutiny regarding sponsored content and serves as a reminder that brands must be aware of their responsibilities when partnering with social media influencers (Variety).

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Pokémon Go Becomes The Biggest Mobile Game In US History

According to EConsultancy, Pokémon Go’s 21 million daily active users makes it the most popular mobile game ever, surpassing Candy Crush’s peak of around 20 million in 2013. Another study found that social media users spend an average of 43 minutes each day hunting for Pokémon compared to 30 minutes spent on WhatsApp, 25 minutes spent on Instagram, and 23 minutes spent on Snapchat (USA Today).

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Snapchat Is Working On Smarter Recognition Software For Ads, Education

Snapchat ads are about to get a lot smarter. A recent article by Tech Insider claims that Snapchat is working on new image recognition software that could “serve filters with ads, promotions, and other information based on physical objects in a photograph or video.” In addition to offering ads based on images that Snapchat sees, the software could be used to provide educational material, like showing the nutrition facts when a Snapchat user scans a product in the supermarket.

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Measuring ROI Still Biggest Concern For Social Marketers

A recent study by eMarketer found that measuring the precise ROI of a social media marketing campaign or initiative remains a challenge for over 60% of advertisers and marketers. These concerns illustrate the need for marketers—especially those unfamiliar with the digital space—to collaborate with agencies that have experience strategizing and measuring social media-based campaigns.

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