Influencer Marketing News: Tops 130M Users, Unhappy YouTubers & More

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The Latest Influencer Marketing News & Insights: Has 130 Million Users, Birchbox Wins With Snapchat, Frustrated YouTubers, & More

This week on the Mediakix blog, we shared:

Today’s Friday roundup of influencer marketing news will dive into how Birchbox used Snapchat to drive traffic,’s accomplishments, and more:

Birchbox Masters Snapchat

Snapchat has been notoriously difficult for brand marketers to grasp due to limited tracking and analytics. This has led to a number of brands coming up with some creative ways to measure their conversion of Snapchat followers into customers. Birchbox, a beauty subscription box service, has been including a vanity URL,, in its Stories ad copy (Digiday). The company found that traffic from Snapchat posts was consistently higher than traffic from organic Facebook posts. This was despite the fact that the URLs were un-clickable so users had to screenshot and manually type it in.

In addition to its Snapchat campaign, Birchbox also launched a campaign on Instagram Stories over the Black Friday weekend. Surprisingly, Birchbox marketers reported that more people were visiting the site through the vanity link on Snapchat than on Instagram Stories. Their test indicated that even though Instagram offers a much larger ad inventory, conversion rates don’t seem to be as high. Their test also revealed that Instagram’s swipe up features could perhaps be disrupting user journeys and killing response (Digiday).

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This week, co-founder and co-CEO of lip-syncing app,, Alex Zhu announced that they now had over 130 million registered users and 40 million monthly active users (TechCrunch).  Zhu emphasized that content on the platform was growing at an exponential pace. sees 1 million new videos uploaded daily and has an active community of creators, with over 25% of daily active users defined as content creators (TechCrunch). For, a large number of creators means that the app can spread its wings as a full-fledged social network while serving as an outlet for general entertainment.

While’s growing user base makes it a new and largely unexplored influencer marketing platform, brand marketers should seize the opportunity to reach an audience that gravitates towards “in-the-moment” style content. As shapes up potentially to be Generation Z’s social media app of choice, marketers must adapt by creating their own content or by partnering with rising influencers on the platform (Digiday).

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Top YouTubers Making Millions…And Still Unhappy?

This week, Forbes released the highest paid YouTube stars, with PewDiePie topping the chart at $15 million, Roman Atwood coming in second at $8 million, and Lilly Singh in third, at $7.5 million (Forbes). Brand partnerships with social media stars are becoming more and more popular, and the growth these stars are seeing is a reflection that.

While the top social media influencers are doing well, they are highly aware of how their presence and realize their value is only worth as much as the platform they are working on. This week, YouTube stars have been complaining that changes with YouTube’s algorithm has led to a general decline in video views (Mashable). YouTube reassured that changes in their algorithm are meant to ensure accurate reporting on the website, although top creator PewDiePie is not convinced (BBC). He vowed to take his channel off of YouTube after reaching 50 million subscribers. Turns out he was just joking (YouTube).

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Social Video And Influencer Marketing In 2017

Ad spend in mobile and social video is set to experience enormous growth in the coming year (Digiday). The experience of consuming video online is being enhanced by new features on social media platforms, including Facebook Live and Snapchat Discovery. 

Growth in social video is being bolstered by Generation Z, which is encouraging for brands involved in influencer marketing. Increasingly defined by their online personalities, Generation Z believes that who they are online, what they like online, and who follows them online is an extension and reflection of who they are themselves (The New York Times). In order to reach Generation Z, brands should look to online influencers to reach a young audience.

L’Oreal, for instance, is using social media influencers in an unprecedented way. Its “Beauty Squad” is composed of five of the UK’s most influential beauty bloggers (combined following of 5 million). Each of the members were recruited for their expertise in specific areas (skincare, hair, etc). They essentially act as brand ambassadors for L’Oreal and continually create content to drive engagement for new products. Rather than doing a one-off post with a one-hit influencer, L’Oreal is aiming for a more concerted approach in order to drive authenticity (eConsultancy).

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