Influencer Marketing News: Mobile Has Finally Surpassed Desktop

Influencer Marketing News Mobile Surpasses Desktop Use

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Influencer Marketing News Weekly Roundup: Mobile Use Beats Desktop For The First Time Ever, Facebook’s Dominance, & More

This week on the Mediakix blog, we shared insights and news on the ensuing fallout between Vine and its top Viners after Twitter ended its social video platform last week. Top Viners had migrated to other platforms long before Vine’s end and many shared grateful, nostalgic, and/or bitter thoughts via Twitter this past week. 

Today’s Friday roundup of influencer marketing news will dive into Facebook’s immense mobile and financial success, Snapchat’s preparation for IPO, and more:

Facebook Slays Mobile And The Market 

For the first time, mobile internet use has passed desktop internet use and is reflected in trends on mobile search and social, specifically Facebook (TechCrunch). Facebook topped 1.79B monthly visitors last month and 1 billion people users exclusively on mobile devices, excluding Instagram and WhatsApp (New York Times).

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These recent reports translate to Facebook’s financial position, with sales totaling at $6.82B and total profit at $2.38B, three times of profit a year ago (New York Times).  With 84% of its sales in mobile ads, Facebook’s ad revenues worldwide is expected to reach near $30B (eMarketer).

Despite its spectacular success, Facebook still faces incoming competition from Snapchat. Recently, it has added an in-app camera to embrace augmented reality and take on Snapchat’s overlays and GeoFilters (TechCrunch). Bringing ‘masks’ and other selfie filters to Live (while more complicated than Snapchat’s filters) will give Facebook added value boost sharing on its platform and increased opportunities in ad revenue (PC World; Investopedia).

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YouTube Making Everything Easier For Influencers

With total video ad revenue reaching $3.9B in the first six months of 2016, video sharing platforms have never been more relevant (Tubefilter). YouTube, the largest video-sharing platform, is feeding this trend, making it easier for influencers, content creators, and digital stars to control and profit from their videos. This week, YouTube unblocked thousands of videos in Germany after 7 years and compensated artists properly (New York Times).

Even more, YouTube’s recent Content ID update is allowing influencers to rack up withheld ad revenue even under copyright dispute (Tubefilter). Further, YouTube’s upgraded comments system will allow creators to pin comments to the top of the feed and to hold inappropriate comments (TechCrunch). When interacting with commenters, the creator’s name will be highlighted in the feed and will have an option to “heart” comments that they would like to bring attention to (TechCrunch).

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Instagram Is The Closest Mall To You

Instagram is finally allowing retailers to promote and sell product through photos, and is piloting 20 participating brands including BaubleBar, J. Crew, Macy’s, Target, and Warby Parker (Tubefilter). This addition will give users a seamless mobile shopping experience and will give audiences more context on products they are weighing on in a certain moment (Los Angeles Times).

The new shoppable photos are an amazing opportunity for brands and the Instagram influencers they work through, eliminating the need for a “purchase link in bio” tag (The Verge).

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Snap Inc. Bulking On Assets To Woo Advertisers & Investors

Snapchat’s hiring spree, API launch, and new partnerships with ad measurement firms are sure signs that Snap is trying to attract new clients and investors before its IPO (Digiday). In general, brands have found Snapchat to be difficult to use, from its lack of search options to its lack of engagement tracking tools (Wired).

Snapchat is pushing to make its products more attractive to brands, first showing new ad formats and uniqueness of its new ads, as opposed to rates and metrics (Digiday). This is reasonable as competitor platforms like Facebook and Instagram have been mimicking Snapchat’s products recently.

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Investors are torn on Snapchat’s ability to evolve from a simple self-disappearing message, photo, and video app to a media and camera company; however its popularity in youth, with 86% of its user base under the age of 35, is certainly an encouraging sign of potential (Seeking Alpha).

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