Influencer Marketing News Roundup: Influencer Marketing in 2017, Google Launches YouTube Labs, & More

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The Latest Influencer Marketing News & Insights: Influencer Marketing In 2017, Google Launches YouTube Labs, Periscope Boosts Livestreaming & More

This week and leading up to the holidays, we shared on the Mediakix blog:

Today’s Friday roundup of influencer marketing news will dive into influencer marketing’s rise, YouTube Labs, and more:

Evaluating Influencer Marketing For Brands In 2017

With social media and influencer marketing on a rise, marketers and brands are attempting to better understand how to best use the advertising tactic. Proven to be an effective way to reach consumers, influencer marketing is to be an integral part of branded media plans this year (eMarketer). However, brands should take heed prior to diving directly in as influencer marketing strategies are extremely nuanced, and when implemented incorrectly, may not have the impact desired.

For instance, studies show that a majority of females will purchase a product after seeing it recommended by an influencer, but more than a third will unfollow an influencer if he or she posts too much sponsored content (eMarketer). So, while a influencer marketing can be a powerful tool for a brand, marketers will still need to develop strong, long-term strategies for influencer marketing to pay off.

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Periscope Goes 360 And Livestreaming Is Now

Livestreaming is being fully embraced this year by social media platforms and brands alike. Most recently, Periscope, Twitter’s livestream extension, rolled out its 360 degree livestreams. The feature was debuted by popular Periscope influencers Alex Pettitt and Brandee Anthony (Tubefilter).

On the other hand, brands are calling all hands on deck with livestreaming content. Currently, marketers are putting pressure on staff to take care of livestreaming video content and duties (Digiday). However, it has proven to be timely and costly. Brands should thus look to established influencers who are savvy in social media to curate to ensure that live content is of quality and is culturally relevant.

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Google Delves Further Into Influencer Marketing With YouTube Labs

Google announced an initiative to push influencer marketing to brands, and it is called YouTube Labs. YouTube Labs aims to help brands and agencies develop the most relevant video content by pairing advertisers and YouTube creators. The new program sets out to develop episodic content designed to build audiences for brands (Marketing Land). YouTube is not taking commission from linking influencers and brands up, but will benefit from ads that are run alongside influencer sponsored videos (Tubefilter). Social media influencers will be compensated by sponsorship from brands.

Google’s involvement in leveraging influencers is certainly a catalyst for video and content marketing. Some believe it poses a threat to influencer marketing agencies that specialize in connecting YouTube video bloggers and producers with brands (AdAge). However, Google’s pioneering technology to connect brands and influencers may not necessarily take all the necessary details and niches associated with influencer marketing. Moreover, agencies will still be crucial to bringing developing influencers and non-video content creators to light.

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