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This Week’s Influencer Marketing News Features Facebook vs. YouTube War, Anonymous YouTuber Interview On Brands, More

Check out this week’s installment of Influencer Marketing News, where we take a look at Facebook’s newly released “hours watched per month” metric, how one top YouTube channel generated community backlash for their new content licensing program, Nike’s brand new YouTube series, and more:

Facebook vs. YouTube: Video Wars

In their recent 2015 Q4 report, Facebook announced a brand new metric: hours of video watched on the social network. When Facebook first began ramping up its video platform and sharing its video ad revenue with video creators and publishers, they faced a slew of video copyright woes and criticism on how they were counting video views (3 seconds and on autoplay).

With the announcement of their 2015 fourth quarter earnings, Facebook also published the total number of hours watched each day — YouTube’s signature metric for measuring engagement and growth. At 100 million hours of video each day, Facebook is at possibly a sixth of YouTube’s estimated 650 million hours a day. While not close yet, Facebook’s release of hours spent watching video on their platform, demonstrates the social network’s commitment to video growth.

Top YouTube Channel, Fine Bros Entertainment Launches React World Licensing

Top YouTubers Benny and Rafi Fine of Fine Brothers Entertainment announced earlier this week the launch of their new content licensing partnership, React World. With over 20 million subscribers across three YouTube channels (Fine Brothers Entertainment, FBE2, and React), audiences including other top YouTubers were split over the announcement. While some see React World as a content opportunity for creators seeking experienced guidance on popular video formats, others believe that this third-party licensing is unwarranted and could set the stage for many more future complications on how YouTube videos are made.

For additional information, check out Mashable’s article, “Fine Brothers react when backlash over ‘React’ videos licensing gets heated” and view top YouTuber Boogie2988’s reaction video, “Reacting To React World By The Fine Bros:”

Discovery Network Tests Out Facebook Video Views With Top YouTubers

Continuing the Facebook vs. YouTube war for best video platform for publishers and creators everywhere, Digiday posts finds of MCN Discovery Digital Networks. The MCN shares performance of the same video (originally built for YouTube) across both platforms. While shorter video content (oftentimes with clear text overlays and without sound) usually fares better on Facebook, the ~4 minute YouTube video received far more views on Facebook (16.7 million views vs. YouTube’s 720,000) whilst overall, Discovery’s YouTube channel still receives far more views than their adjoining Facebook (200 million views per month vs. 60 million).

For more detail on Facebook and YouTube video performance for channels and YouTubers, see Digiday’s article here.

Nike’s First-Ever Branded Content Series Features “YouTuber” vs. Non-YouTuber

Nike’s First-Ever Branded Content Series Trailer On Nike Women YouTube Channel

As one of Instagram’s best and most followed brands, Nike, is now launching into the world of branded content with an original YouTube series on behalf of their campaign, Better For It. The series, titled “Margot vs. Lily,” chronicles the fitness journeys of two women: Lily, a budding YouTuber, and Margot, a social butterfly.

Read more on Nike’s VP of Global Brand Marketing strategy behind their new YouTube series here on Adweek.

Top YouTube Star Gives Anonymous Interview Dishing On Brands

In an interview published on Tubefilter, an anonymous top YouTuber (with over 2 million subscribers) shares his thoughts on working with brands. Check out the entire interview here and learn more about how much YouTubers are paid being by brands, justifying YouTubers’ rates, and the best way to build a YouTube channel here.

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