Influencer Marketing Case Study: Squarespace

Influencer Marketing Case Study Squarespace
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An Influencer Marketing Case Study Look At How Squarespace Creatively Marketed With Top YouTubers

As part of our Influencer Marketing Case Study Series (see all of our influencer marketing case studies here), we take a look at how website builder Squarespace collaborated with many top YouTubers and YouTube channels to drive both awareness and conversions for their online service.

YouTubers sponsored in Squarespace’s YouTube marketing campaign include (by target niche interest category):

  • Learning – AsapSCIENCE, CrashCourse, Minute Physics
  • News/Pop Culture – Good Mythical Morning, Philip DeFranco, Ray William Johnson, Tyler Oakley
  • Movies – Cinema Sins, Screen Junkies
  • Gaming – The Game Theorists

See standout video integration examples, total views and combined reach metrics, and more below from Squarespace’s YouTube marketing campaign with top YouTubers:

Squarespace sponsored dedicated YouTube video from popular movie channel, Cinema Sins


  • Primary Objective – to drive conversions (sign-ups) for Squarespace’s website building services by targeting audiences across a variety of select demographics
  • Secondary Objective(s) – creatively partner and align with top YouTubers and YouTube channels creating original content and visibility to drive both awareness and engagement for Squarespace


  • Identify and partner with the top YouTuber channels in popular culture, learning, gaming, and movie niches including: Good Mythical Morning, Cinema Sins, Ray William Johnson, and Tyler Oakley
  • Collaborate and concept strategic video integrations showcasing Squarespace’s services and unique features
  • Ideate with YouTubers to create content that provides relevance to audiences


  • Increased conversions and sign ups for Squarespace’s website builder service
  • Elevated brand awareness and ongoing visibility
  • Total sponsored video campaign views – 33,511,059 to date
  • Total audience reach (combined YouTube channel subscribers) – 57,674,112 to date

Influencer Marketing Case Study Examples: Squarespace With Popular YouTubers

The Game Theorists

Popular YouTube gaming channel, The Game Theorists, presents two sponsored videos with Squarespace. Each video, both with over 5+ million views, feature well-animated Squarespace illustrations showcasing specific features and services all presented in Game Theorist’s signature style. Starting at 14:05, MatPat (the YouTuber behind the channel) candidly explains to his audience how sponsorships work followed by relevant screen share examples of what he is able to do with Squarespace.

Good Mythical Morning Creates Dedicated Squarespace Website

Influencer Marketing Case Study Squarespace Good Mythical Morning

In addition to a sponsored video, top YouTuber channel Good Mythical Morning (GMM) with over 8.5+ million subscribers links to a dedicated Squarespace landing page The landing page features a dedicated video sponsorship and leverages their high-reach video views and audience to drive traffic towards Squarespace.

Similarly, popular YouTube movie channel Cinema Sins (video above) showcases their new website in a dedicated video announcement and showcase “We Have A New Website – The All New” built by Squarespace’s technology.

Ray William Johnson

Influencer Marketing Case Study Squarespace Ray William Johnson

In addition to both an intro sponsor callout and channel promo offer, top YouTuber channel Ray William Johnson (with close to 11 million subscribers) presents a detailed outro demonstration beginning at 6:24. Similar to The Game Theorists sponsored approach, YouTuber channel Ray William Johnson presents an inside look at Squarespace’s unique features that’s in line and well-integrated with the channel’s conversational, humorous style.

Squarespace Marketing With Top YouTuber Channel, CrashCourse

For popular learning channel CrashCourse, Squarespace sponsored a series of astronomy courses presented by Phil Plait (one of the instructors of PBS’s YouTuber channel, CourseCourse). By sponsoring this series and channel, Squarespace ensures that their brand and service will continually be seen by millions of viewers searching for educational videos (see this post for “The Best YouTube Channels For Learning”). Because CrashCourse’s content is evergreen, Squarespace will continue to capture viewers perpetually, long after the videos’ initial post dates.

As part of this Squarespace sponsored video series, many of CrashCourse’s videos feature a branded intro slide with custom URL link (this episode brought to you by in video description box below. To date, many of these videos have received over 300K+ views each.