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Influencer Marketing Case Studies Audible YouTuber Grace Helbig

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An Influencer Marketing Case Study Look At How Audible Marketed With Top YouTube Stars In 2015

With over 180,000 audio books, Audible, an Amazon company, looked to top YouTubers and YouTube channels to drive both awareness and conversions for their membership service. Audible is one over several recognizable brands leveraging the power of video marketing on YouTube by strategically partnering and sponsoring high-traffic YouTuber channels (see also how, Squarespace, Coca-Cola, PayPal, and many more market with top YouTube stars here).

YouTube’s video view growth has been undeniable (up 60% year upon year). Additionally, audiences who start their online browsing on the YouTube homepage (similar to turning on a TV) is up three-fold, also year upon year. Audible’s approach to video marketing with top YouTube stars not only leverages the reach and massive adoption of online viewers, but also factors in the immense influence and close ties popular YouTubers have with their audiences. In a recent study, over 60% of 13 to 24-year-olds would try a YouTuber-recommended product.

To see Audible’s strategy and approach with top YouTube stars including which YouTubers were a part of their 2015 YouTube marketing campaign, view our case study here (metrics provided for first half of 2015):

Influencer Marketing Case Study Examples: Audible’s 2015 Campaign With YouTube Stars

Influencer Marketing Case Study Audible YouTuber Channel KipKay


  • Primary Objective – to drive conversions (sign-ups) for Audible’s membership service by targeting audiences across a variety of select demographics
  • Secondary Objective(s) – drive both awareness and engagement for Audible’s monthly membership service by sponsoring top YouTubers and YouTube channels


  • Identify and partner with top YouTuber channels in the following YouTube Video Categories: Gaming, Entertainment, Film & Animation, People & Blog, Education, How To & Style, and Science & Technology
  • Collaborate and concept creative video integrations showcasing Audible’s monthly subscription service
  • Ideate with YouTubers to create content that provides relevance to their audiences


  • Increased conversions and sign ups for Audible’s monthly membership service
  • Elevated brand awareness and ongoing visibility
  • Total video marketing campaign views (to date): 83,993,301
  • Total YouTube subscriber audience base: 132,801,145  

Audible partnered with many recognizable YouTubers including several on Forbes’ recent highest-paid YouTuber list (PewDiePie, Rhett & Link of Good Mythical Morning, Roman Atwood, and Rosanna Pansino) in addition to several other YouTubers (Tyler Oakley, Joey Graceffa, Connor Franta, Troye Sivan, Grace Helbig, iJustine), popular YouTube channels (The Game Theorists, Household Hacker, Minute Physics, Smarter Every Day, Veritasium), and many more.

Here are key examples of how top YouTube stars integrated brand sponsor Audible into their video content:


For Jacksfilms, YouTuber Jack Douglass starts his sponsored video integration (12:10) with the question “What is Audible,” and answers with a memorable acronym short on the brand sponsor’s name, Audible. The acronyms, which include “Audible, U Dense Incredible Bloated Little Ewok,” introduces the sponsored read in line with Jacksfilms’ signature video style and everyday content.

Additionally, Jack’s Audible sponsored video titled “The Best Of Jackask,” ensures the brand continual views and visibility as subscribers of Jacksfilms search for content on his recurring popular video series, “Jackasks.”

Influencer Marketing Case Study Audible YouTuber Jacksfilms


Popular DIY, How-To and Hack channel Kipkay presents Audible in his video tutorial “EZ Light Up Frisbee!” After the DIY tutorial, Kipkay segues into Audible’s brand sponsored read by relating how in an effort to improve his frisbee golf skills, he listened to book “The Talent Code: Unlocking the Secret of Skill in Sports, Art, Music, Math, and Just About Anything” on Audible’s audio book version. Kipkay thereupon calls out the sponsor and presents Audible’s notable features in a well-edited video.

Grace Helbig

As part of popular YouTuber Grace Helbig’s daily vlog, Grace ties in Audible’s free book download with her review and recommendation of Amy Poehler’s book, “Yes Please.” Much like the appeal of Grace’s vlogs, her preview of Poehler’s book highlights the audio read aspect of the comedian’s book: many of Poehler’s friends narrate in the audio version available from Audible. Grace’s sponsored video skillfully showcases Audible’s features in a creative, attractive way aiding to drive her followers to take advantage of the free download to experience the hilarity of Poehler’s book firsthand.

Roman Atwood

Popular prank channel and YouTuber Roman Atwood integrates Audible into his vlog by poking fun of himself (starting 10:00). After relating how he could never comprehend the written word (including stories about made up book reports in school), Atwood shares how Audible makes complete sense to him and others who have difficulty reading. Atwood’s off-the-cuff presentation of Audible is a standout example of how top YouTube stars deftly integrate brand sponsors into their videos.

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