2020's Best Influencer Marketing Case Studies: 62 Campaigns From Top Brands, Influencers, & More

influencer marketing case studies

May 2020 Update — Since the turn of the new year, we’ve seen TikTok ascend to one of the top social media platforms presenting advertisers new ways of reaching young audiences and also COVID-19 disrupt media and normalcy as we know it. 
In addition to our 42 top case studies from 2019 and 2018, 2020 brings a variety of influencer marketing campaigns from both TikTok and Instagram:

Perhaps largely due to global quarantine measures, TikTok added well over 100 million downloads just in March 2020 to further cement its place as a top social media app. Some states are re-opening in phases and we’ll continue to see how brands and influencers tailor their campaigns during and after COVID-19.

A Year In Review: 2019’s Most Outstanding Influencer Marketing Brand Case Studies

Happy Holidays from Mediakix! As we look forward to 2020, we’ve gathered our most popular influencer marketing case studies of 2019 that have helped inform and shape the industry, highlighting the most successful advertisers, brands, and social media influencers. Our studies pull from all different industries, showcasing a variety of influencer partnerships in beauty, gaming, travel, and more. Check out our list of the top 21 influencer marketing campaigns for inspiration in the upcoming year.

We’re also including our list of best influencer marketing case studies of 2018, which you can still view below the 2019 campaigns.  

Influencer Marketing Case Studies From Top Brands & Campaigns

TikTok turned to Instagram to find the top digital chefs to showcase the app’s new video effects in the #SavorTheFlavor hashtag challenge. ‘Hashtag challenges’ are one of the largest Tik Tok trends and form an integral part of its online community, see how TikTok leveraged user involvement to generate over 250 million views with their influencer sponsored campaign.

Dunkin’ warms up their influencer marketing strategy by partnering with nano-influencers to generate positive buzz for the company’s new espresso line. Find out how the influencers’ engagement rates fared in light of their small-sized followings.

Gillette changes up its traditional sports-centered marketing by fostering a diverse roster of influencers including mommy bloggers, gay influencers, and more. See the stats from over 40 analyzed Instagram sponsored posts. 

Gymshark has long leveraged fitness influencers as a top priority in the company’s marketing strategy, so it is no surprise the sportswear company was one of the first brands to dive into TikTok influencer marketing. Read how Gymshark utilizes top twin influencers, and top TikTok creators here.

89% of marketers consider the ROI from influencer marketing to be comparable to or better than other marketing channels. In the case of Warby Parker, the company attributes their $2 billion valuation to their use of social media influencers. Check out the eyewear brand’s campaign in this influencer marketing case study.

Dyson recruited some of the top dogs of Instagram to raise product awareness and generate lighthearted social content. See how humor and relatability helped Dyson’s social reach and brand perception in this influencer marketing case study.

Hilton partners with well-established travel influencers to reveal a proposed list of Seven Urban Wonders, each location spotlighting one of Hilton’s worldwide luxury resorts. Meet the travel and photography influencers in this case study who continue to bring travel-envy to more than 3 million Instagrammers.

With 16 to 24 year-olds comprising 60% of TikTok’s US user base, TikTok is increasingly becoming an appealing influencer marketing opportunity for marketers. See how celebrity influencers skyrocketed engagement rates in TikTok’s star sponsored campaign.

See how lifestyle bloggers with an active following on social media can optimize brand exposure by produce short-form sponsored posts on Instagram, while also creating longer, nuanced content on their respective blogging websites.

Instagram influencers promoting Headspace’s meditation app interact with their followers on a deeper level through engaging discussions and long-form captions. Check out the mindful app’s case study here.

Travel is one of the fastest growing influencer marketing categories, with 40% of millennials weighing the “Instagrammability” of a location before booking a trip. Check out how travel and lifestyle brand Away partners with influencers to create inspiring modern travel content.

Compared to Instagram, Snapchat’s total number of users is less than half of the number of Instagram’s Stories users. Despite Snapchat’s worsening user growth, more than 60% of all US teens ages 12-17 are still on the app. Mediakix analyzed over 75 posts from Snapchat’s #RealFriends Instagram takeover. View the campaign results and additional social findings here.

Hulu teams up with influencer athletes and gets candid about influencer pay rates in their humorous #HuluSellsOut Instagram campaign. See the campaign specifics and the results from more than 50 analyzed sponsored posts here.

Pantene teams up with African American social stars to leverage influencer-created YouTube and Instagram video tutorials for their #GoldSeriesCollection campaign. See how Pantene’s targeted campaign reached an engagement rate of over 12%.

EOS recently launched a lip balm line formulated by top beauty stars around the world. Our in-depth case study shows the long-term campaign strategy from creation to post-launch: including influencer events, influencer selection, giveaways, unboxings, and more.

Choosing the right influencer for a one-off influencer campaign is a detail-oriented task based on plenty of make or break variables. See how Bumble’s multi channeled influencer partnership with celebrity athlete Serena Williams, proved to be a match made in brand authenticity heaven.

80% of marketers found influencer marketing to be effective for their marketing goals, based on our 2019 survey. Ancestry DNA has taken advantage of the millennial travel trend by partnering with mid-tier Instagram influencers in their influencer marketing campaign based on #DNATravel.

The global gaming market is projected to bring in upwards of $120 billion in revenue in 2019 and continue to grow through 2021. See how Playstation partnered with male and female gamers to increase brand engagement and bridge the gap between tech audiences and gamers.

Evaluate the effectiveness of Fabletics micro-influencers and learn about the company’s campaign goals, combined results, ambassador program and more.

KFC is known for its bold non-traditional marketing initiatives, they were one of the first non-gaming brands to advertise on Twitch, and earlier this year they embraced one of the year’s top social trends in a CGI influencer campaign starring Virtual Colonel Sanders, complete with concordant brand sponsorships.

Oakley takes their affiliate program to the next level by sponsoring more than 15 top influencers’ competitive pursuits. See how the sportswear company grew their social presence while generating ROI in this Instagram case study.

Check out the most popular influencer marketing case studies of 2018 below:

1. 4 Top Brands Tackle Superbowl LII Ads With Instagram Influencers

influencer marketing campaign Super Bowl

With an estimated 45 million people hosting watch parties last year and more than $5 million spent per 30-second ad, Super Bowl 2019 will be as competitive as ever for marketers. Here’s a look at our favorite influencer marketing campaigns from Super Bowl LII.

2. Advertising With Olympians: Influencer Marketing Shines On Social During Winter Games


Instagram now has over 1 billion active users and the app has become one of the top platforms for influencer marketing. See how three of the largest U.S. brands leverage multiple American Instagram influencers for their social media power, and how an Olympic-favorite brand fits non-athlete influencers into their strategy.

3. MeUndies Influencer Marketing Campaign Shows Off Company’s Progressive Brand Values


87% of consumers stated they would purchase a product based on values—because the company advocated for an issue they cared about. Underwear brand MeUndies has formulated a strong and consistent value-oriented influencer marketing strategy to boost awareness of their company’s progressive, ethical, social, and environmental initiatives.

4. Love It Or Hate It: Top Brands Match With Influencers For Valentine’s Day

influencer marketing campaign example Valentine's Day

Last February, just over half (54.7%) of U.S. adults celebrated Valentine’s Day by buying gifts for their significant others, friends, or pets. Estimated spending reached $19.6 billion, just short of 2016’s record $19.7 billion. See how five brands touch on consumers’ conflicting emotions towards the holiday to speak to a wide variety of audiences.

5. Coachella Collabs: Influencers Bring Brands To Life At Coachella 2018

influencer marketing campaign example Coachella

Brands such as American Express, Peet’s Coffee, Reef, HP, and more capitalized on the substantial social trends surrounding Coachella by collaborating with social media stars to create brand-sponsored content while at the event.

6. Alo Yoga Files Lawsuit Against Yoga Instagrammer

influencer marketing campaign lawsuit Alo Yoga

Influencer marketing is a rapidly growing industry with legalities to match. FTC violations and contract breaches are just some of the issues that can devastate a healthy influencer partnership. In this case study example, Alo Yoga and influencer Dana Falsetti tackle the dispute of sponsored content ownership.

7. Coca-Cola Instagram Case Study: #ThisOnesFor Micro- And Macro-Influencers

influencer marketing campaign example Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola experiments with micro- and macro-influencers in their latest global Instagram influencer campaign. Utilizing fewer than 30 diverse influencers, see how they managed to generate an average engagement rate over 8%.

8. YouTuber-Focused Nike Influencer Marketing Strategy

YouTube influencer marketing case study

Nike has long partnered with athlete influencers, and as the influencer marketing landscape evolves, Nike continues to adapt by partnering with some of the biggest YouTube influencers to promote its products.

9. Dating App Hinge Gets Real With Relatable Meme Accounts And Social Media Stars

influencer marketing campaign example Hinge App

The mobile dating app Hinge partnered with some of Instagram’s most hilarious meme accounts and relatable lifestyle influencers to promote the re-brand of their app to eliminate “swipe-culture.”

10. Maserati, Jeep, And Other Auto Brands Drive Engagement With Creative Influencers

influencer marketing example Auto Brands

Pet influencers, luxury influencers, and pro-surfers collaborate with top auto brands to capture a wide range of influencer audiences.

11. Tiffany And Co. Sees An 8%+ Engagement Rate With Popular Photography Influencer

influencer marketing campaign example Tiffany and Co

Luxury jewelry brand Tiffany and Co. partners with Jack Morris, a millennial travel influencer, to spotlight the company’s sustainability efforts. Check out our exclusive interview with Jack here.

12. Budweiser Wins At 2018 FIFA World Cup With Latin Influencers

influencer marketing campaign Budweiser Latin Influencers

Discover how alcohol brand Budweiser launched the #ReactionChallenge campaign with five (mostly) Latin-American YouTube influencers as a component of a giant international sponsorship for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

13. Olay Empowers Women To #FaceAnything

influencer marketing campaign example Olay Face Anything

To promote its #FaceAnything campaign, skin care powerhouse Olay looked to nine fearless female influencers to attract a diverse audience, challenge stereotypes, and invite women to embrace their true beauty.

14. Influencers Connect With Their Heritage Using 23andMe

influencer marketing campaign 23andMe

Biotechnology company 23andMe looked to increase awareness of their genetic testing services and looked towards YouTube Creators and Instagram influencers to share their own personal identity narratives.

15. Top Social Media Influencers Take On 2018 NYFW

Influencer Marketing Campaign Example NYFW

Shopping accessibility has consistently been a priority to Instagram the last few years, with product stickers for Stories and “shopping collections” added in November of 2018. See how the biggest fashion and non-fashion brands at NYFW captured consumer attention with Instagram fashion influencers.

16. H&M, ThreadUp, And Ebay Celebrate Earth Day With Influencers

Influencer Marketing Campaign Example Earth Day

Fashion brands H&M, ThreadUp, and Ebay release sustainable project initiatives and environmental fundraisers with the help of artists and creative influencers —just in time for Earth Day.

17. Hershey’s, Reese’s Pieces, And The Best of Twitch Come Together

Influencer marketing example Twitch and Hersheys

With 15 million daily active users and the average user spending 95 minutes on the streaming site, Twitch is not a platform to pass over for influencer marketing campaigns. Its popularity is increasing so rapidly that brands outside gaming are competing for a position in this new marketing environment. Check out our TwitchCon 2018 Hershey’s brand case study featuring two of the biggest Twitch streamers.

18. Tech Influencers Take Over The Consumer Electronics Show

Influencer Marketing Campaign Example Tech Industry Consumer Electronics Show

Toyota, Huawei, and Intel reveal how teaming up with tech influencers has become a crucial component for success at the world’s biggest tech convention, The Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

19. Comparing Influencer Campaigns: Canon Vs. Nikon

Influencer Marketing Campaign Example Canon Vs Nikon

A close-up look at competing brands Nikon and Canon and how they each approach influencer marketing campaigns by working with well-established photography influencers.

20. 5 Successful YouTubers Partner With Mobile Gaming Brands

Influencer Marketing Campaign Example Mobile Gaming Brands

The mobile gaming industry represents nearly half of the $115 billion global gaming industry. Take a look at how five of the biggest mobile game manufacturers leverage successful YouTube Creators to help generate awareness for their most popular apps.

21. Tech Marketing With YouTube Influencers

Influencer Marketing Campaign Example Tech Company and YouTubers

Google, Samsung, Xfinity, and others partner with tech and non-tech influencers as well as vloggers in YouTube campaigns that generate millions of views from their niche audiences.