The 5 Different Types Of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

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The 5 Types Of Influencer Marketing Campaigns Brands Can Launch

Influencer marketing is fast becoming a cornerstone of modern-day advertising—according to a study cited in Adweek, 75% of companies are currently using influencer marketing to reach new audiences and engage with existing customers, and 84% of companies plan on implementing an influencer marketing strategy in the next 12 months. To help brands differentiate between the different types of influencer campaigns and determine which strategy (or combination of strategies) will see the most success, we’ve compiled a list of the five types of influencer marketing campaigns that brands can run to increase brand awareness, drive social growth, and boost campaign ROI.

What To Know Before Your First Influencer Marketing Campaign

There are a number of things brands should know before they begin launching their first influencer marketing campaign. For starters, not every platform is optimal for every type of business; to ensure that campaigns perform as expected, brands should discern where their marketing efforts will have the most impact (i.e. YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, blogs, etc.) and what audience will be most receptive to each different type of influencer marketing campaign. Additionally, companies should carefully consider which influencer to work with, as choosing the right social media star can have a substantial effect on the success of a brand’s influencer marketing efforts.

Finally, companies should identify what they hope to achieve through each influencer marketing campaign and know how to measure the success of their influencer marketing strategies.

For tips on developing, implementing, and measuring your first influencer marketing campaign, see our article here.

The 5 Different Types Of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

There are limitless ways that brands can create an effective influencer marketing campaign, but generally, campaigns fall within one of the following five subcategories:

1. Product Placements

One of the most popular ways that brands can partner with social media influencers is by developing a product placement campaign, which involves incorporating a company’s product, services, or logo into a digital influencer’s content in a creative, flattering, or engaging way. Because social media stars have earned the trust of their followers, product placements are an excellent opportunity for brands to gain valuable exposure to millions of engaged consumers who are more likely to buy a product endorsed by their favorite YouTuber, Instagrammer, Viner, or Snapchatter.

See examples of how Instagrammers skillfully include products from Dunkin’ Donuts, Chevrolet, and Nike in their Instagram posts here.

2. Contests, Giveaways, Sweepstakes

Hosting social media contests like giveaways, sweepstakes, contests, and event activations can generate buzz about a brand, foster goodwill among consumers, and inspire social media users to take a specific action (like following the brand channel or increasing company exposure by using branded hashtags). Aligning with social media influencers to promote the contest is an effective way for companies to leverage a social media star’s large follower base and ensure that consumers participate in the campaign.

3. Theme/Hashtag Campaigns

Focusing each influencer marketing campaign around a central theme or hashtag is a great way for brands to create campaign momentum, build cohesion with other facets of the campaign running on other social media platforms, and encourage consumers to get involved by using a brand’s hashtag in user-generated content. Developing and implementing an influencer marketing campaign around a memorable branded hashtag is one of the best ways brands can facilitate a genuine social conversation and increase brand exposure, especially if the hashtag happens to go viral.

Read our article on how Revolve used the hashtag #REVOLVEintheHamptons to boost their Instagram marketing campaign here.

4. Creative Influencer Campaign

Much like influencer marketing campaigns that revolve around a central theme, creative campaigns give social media stars the freedom to create content that falls within a specific concept or idea. Because this type of campaign allows the digital influencer to interpret themes to create unique brand-sponsored content, creative campaigns are typically organic and well-integrated, leading to increased levels of engagement (in the form of likes, comments, and social sharing) from the social media influencer’s followers and/or subscribers.

Discover how fashion brand Chloé developed a creative influencer marketing campaign around the theme “Love Story” here.

5. Campaign To Build Social Followers

To build the number of followers on their own social media brand channels, companies often collaborate with social media influencers to expose new audiences to a brand’s social media accounts. Snapchat Takeovers, which involve a Snapchatter or other social media influencer “taking over” a brand’s Snapchat account for a set period of time, is one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach thousands or millions of new followers and organically grow their own Snapchat follower base.

See how Snapchat star Shaun McBride (@shonduras) helped Disney build their social media following on Snapchat here.

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