Marketing At Bonnaroo Music Festival With Social Media Influencers

Brands Marketing At Bonnaroo Music Festival 2016

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How Brands Are Marketing At Bonnaroo Music Festival 2016

Now in its 15th year, the Bonnaroo Music Festival draws an estimated 80,000 attendees to a 700-acre farm in Manchester Tennessee to camp, revel, and watch the world’s biggest performers play extended sets for four days and nights. Though fewer people attend Bonnaroo than Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Electric Daisy Carnival, a recent Adweek article reports that Bonnaroo still has an estimated reach of 5 million households, making “The Farm” an ideal place for influencer marketing collaborations and social media marketing campaigns.

Why Music Festivals Like Bonnaroo Are Ideal For Marketing Campaigns

While marketing at Bonnaroo and other music festivals is an effective way to target thousands of event-goers, for brands, arguably the bigger marketing opportunity comes from collaborating with social media stars to create brand-sponsored content while at the event. Because millions of social media users now rely on social platforms to experience festivals through the eyes of their favorite social media influencers, partnering with today’s top Snapchatters, Instagrammers, and YouTubers can expand a brand’s reach far beyond the festival’s gates.

In April 2016, we published a series of articles on how brands were leveraging the power of social influencers to reach large audiences at the Southern California-based music festival Coachella, including a free downloadable case study detailing partnerships between digital stars and brands like American Express, Revolve Clothing Co., and Live Lokai.

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While Bonnaroo’s size and culture differ from Coachella’s, the prevalence of influencer marketing collaborations at Bonnaroo reinforces why partnering with social media stars for festivals and exciting events continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach and engage with millions of social media users.

The Best Examples Of Brands Marketing At Bonnaroo

Red Bull Collaborates With Digital Star Megan Batoon

Though adventure lifestyle brand Red Bull was one of Bonnaroo’s official sponsors, the company’s partnership with crossover social media star Megan Batoon proves the value of collaborating with digital influencers to spread the word about an event, product, or new innovation. For this sponsored Instagram post, Batoon shows her followers around the festival and encourages social media audiences to tune in to Red Bull’s official livestream of Bonnaroo.

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Team Suarez. @reef_girls @dylanasuarez #SuarezSisters #Nashville #justpassingthrough #bonnaroo | Snap: NatalieOffDuty ?

A photo posted by Natalie Suarez (@natalieoffduty) on

Natalie Suarez Showcases Reef’s Style At Bonnaroo

Lifestyle blogger and top Instagrammer Natalie Suarez collaborated with Reef to creatively showcase the surf brand’s products to her large social media audience on Instagram. Not only did the social campaign generate high engagement (35K “likes”) Suarez also boosted exposure by creating a Snapchat Story around the event.

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Alex and Ani Capitalizes On Bonnaroo Trend To Drive Sales

Rhode Island-based jewelry maker and official Bonnaroo sponsor Alex and Ani leveraged the social trend surrounding the Bonnaroo music festival (including the hashtags #Bonaroo, #15YearsOfMagic, and #ConnectedByRoo) to increase brand awareness of their festival-friendly accessories. In addition to selling their special #MusicallyInspired products at the festival, the brand also launched a Bonnaroo ticket giveaway contest to drive social engagement (Live Nation).

By focusing on big social media audiences interested in festivals like Bonnaroo, Alex and Ani’s social media marketing efforts garnered massive engagement—over 75K “likes” across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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