How YouTubers Make Money With YouTube Red

How YouTubers Make Money With YouTube Red New Subscription Service

A Video Explainer: How YouTubers Make Money With YouTube Red

On Wednesday, October 21, YouTube announced on their official blog a new monthly subscription service, YouTube Red. While their official announcement highlighted many of the features available to subscribers (including original content from top YouTubers and YouTube’s apps for Music, Gaming, and Kids), it perhaps failed to adequately address many of the concerns voiced by content creators and fans alike in the ensuing few days.

As such, many expressed their apprehension and took to the internet including these posts from publishers:

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With so many YouTubers, fans, and major publishers uncertain about YouTube’s new subscription service, Hank Green (who alongside his brother are the creators of both 2.6M+ subscriber channel, Vlogbrothers and premiere online video conference, VidCon) offers much-needed clarity on how YouTubers will make money with YouTube Red. In his 17-minute “long video,” Green addresses many of the salient questions (many sourced from his own social channels) raised by YouTube’s new ad-free service including: what happens to videos/channels who don’t accept YouTube’s new terms, will a free ad-supported YouTube continue to exist, and most importantly, how YouTubers make money with YouTube Red.

In addition to Green, many prominent YouTubers have offered their own explanations both for and against (including those pictured above here) what YouTube calls “The Ultimate Experience.”

Watch the video above to find out how YouTubers make money with YouTube Red or see it’s points bulleted below:

  • With the new monthly subscription model, YouTubers (both large and small) stand to make the same current ad-supported majority percentage (55% for creators, 45% for YouTube) but now as part of a greatly increased revenue stream (previously pennies, now the potential of dollars to be split).
  • For YouTubers or channels who agree to YouTube’s new terms: ad revenue is most likely to either remain the same or increase depending on the amount of followers who subscribe.
  • For YouTubers or channels who don’t agree to YouTube’s new terms: legally, YouTube cannot show these videos without ads. Similar to accepting revised terms of service for new updates, YouTube’s new agreement is a necessary part of debuting a new platform-wide service.
  • Reasons why YouTubers/channels would not opt-in to YouTube’s new service conditions.

Also great to reference: Tubefilter’s “Let’s Debunk 7 Myths About YouTube Red, YouTube’s New Subscription Service.”

How YouTubers Make Money With YouTube Red Subscription Service

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Lastly, check Google’s “YouTube Red FAQ For YouTube Partners” (referenced above) for an in-depth, official explainer.


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