Why Publishers, Brands, & Influencers Are Using Facebook Live At CES 2017

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Why Facebook Live Is Perfect For Marketers At CES 2017

Among the most anticipated annual events in the technology industry, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is where both top and emerging tech brands come together to showcase the newest, most groundbreaking products and services. In the past, audiences unable to fly to Las Vegas to attend the Show were subjected to secondhand news, either from videos posted after a product release or from articles relaying information.

However, this year, audiences can look forward to enjoying tech releases in real-time using livestreaming. With several social platforms enabling users to livestream, CES can now be fully experienced on social media. We go over the different ways that brands, publishers, and influencers are using livestreaming to showcase their CES experience, specifically on Facebook Live.

How To Experience CES On Facebook Live

Marketers and influencers are all congregating on Facebook Live to showcase the latest news at CES in real-time. Most are tagging their pinning their location and tagging their broadcasts with #CES2017 and their own distinct tags so that the content is searchable.

How Publishers Are Using Facebook Live For CES

Facebook Live is the perfect medium for publishers to tell the story of a four-day long event. By using livestreaming on social media, publishers can bring the latest news and moments to its audience in real time. Publishers can provide professional commentary in the moment as products are released and demonstrated. Interviews can be conducted live and shared with viewers instantaneously. This means that publishers can create a larger quantity of content, and have a higher possibility of having their content shared. Livestreaming on social media, thus, is extremely beneficial to publishers looking to report on the event.CES 2017 BBC Publisher Facebook Live Broadcast

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How Brands Are Standing Out At CES

On the other hand, brands are using Facebook Live as a means of self-promotion. CES is saturated with hundreds of flashy brands and services, each more flashy than the next. Every brand needs to find a way to stand out, and providing real-time content is one way to get users’ attention on social media. Livestreamed content on official brand pages differ from brand to brand, however, many are turning to their own employees to give a face to a company. This practice is becoming increasingly popular for brands looking to build identity and familiarity with consumers (Digiday).

For instance, Coldwell Banker Real Estate live broadcasted a welcome message from its CEO and President and had it’s live video moderated and hosted by in-house content and social media employees.

CES Coldwell Banker Brand Facebook Live Video

Further, brands are able to broadcast full demonstrations and talks on social media that might otherwise be cut or summarized in a publishing website. Mercedes-Benz for instance, broadcasted live and in full, its talk on connectivity and the user experience.

CES 2017 Mecedes Benz Facebook Live Session Talk

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How Influencers Are Helping Brands At CES

To gain the most exposure and reach from events such as CES 2017, many brands and publishers partner direct with top social media personalities and influencers to share breaking news and stories. Influencers can provide brands a strong, engaged audience on Facebook Live (and their adjoining social media channels) as well as coherent, relevant content. Partnering with brands for events like CES 2017 or Coachella can help brands craft effective and high-reaching stories on social media.

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