How To Use Instagram For Business: Influencers

Watch this video featuring the latest Instagram research: 2015 Intelligence Report from digital benchmarking firm L2 to see why brands are enamored by Instagram and using Instagram for business growth.  

View their entire second annual Instagram study featuring insights from over 250 brands here.

How To Use Instagram For Business: Marketing With Top Instagram Influencers

What makes Instagram great for business? How can businesses grow their presence quickly on Instagram while driving engagement that ultimately results in profitable action?

With one of the highest engagement rates for any social media platform today, market research firm Forrester names Instagram the “king of social media” — a photo-sharing mobile app complete with entire generation(s) of consumers. Although there are a variety of ways for business to grow on Instagram (from discovering the right hashtags to using the right filters to posting on prime times), some the best and top brands on Instagram market with influential content creators and social media influencers in order to drive profitable business growth and use Instagram for business.

How To Use Instagram For Business

See our post here on the top “3 Best Brands On Instagram Marketing With Influencers.” 

How To Grow Your Business With Instagram Influencers

For a complete 10-step strategy on how to grow your business with influencers, download our free PDF whitepaper guide here

Both top social media aggregate app Hootsuite and popular e-commerce platform Shopify cite the importance of working or collaborating with Instagram influencers in their articles “How To Use Instagram For Business,” and “How To Build A Massive Following On Instagram,” respectively. In order to leverage Instagram influencers effectively for business, it is critical to first identify the key performance indicators (KPI metrics). At a high level, marketing with influencers presents the opportunity to drive branding and/or direct-response initiatives.

For a detailed breakdown on how to measure influencer marketing campaigns and KPIs, see our post here (free marketing checklist download for blogs, YouTube, and Instagram).

Next, it’s important to understand and discover precisely who is driving meaningful engagement, traffic, and buzz on Instagram for each business’s target demographic. To learn how to find and contact Instagram influencers for your business, read about our process here. With feedback from the influencer(s), create an influencer marketing strategy to accomplish your Instagram business objectives.

When working with Instagrammers, content creators and top social media influencers, it is important to not make these pitfalls.

5 Ways Influencers Can Help Businesses Grow On Instagram

From Starbucks to Capital One to major travel and hospitality companies, businesses of every industry are working with influencers on Instagram to help grow their business.

  • Creating sponsored content that travels. In their Instagram growth article, Shopify stresses the importance of growing your business on Instagram by working with influencers to create sponsored posts. Furthermore, in a recent study by digital benchmark firm L2, user-generated content (UGC) on Instagram outperforms all other forms of marketing and media (including brand website, online magazine/newspaper, radio, TV, and banner ads) save professional industry review. By leveraging UGC from top Instagram influencers, brands can quickly create Instagram content that travels and trends with the right audiences.
  • Building an avid follower base. Top Instagram influencers (many with followers upwards of 500K) are essential to drive traffic from their channel to your company Instagram channel, and henceforth (with the right brand-influencer integration and messaging) build an avid follower base.
  • Multi-platform promotion and awareness. With Instagram’s video capabilities, businesses can partner with notable Viners, Snapchatters, and top YouTubers to preview video snippets on Instagram while hosting and directing viewers to the full video on the brand site or brand YouTube channel.
  • Aspirational branding. Instagram’s visual nature is conducive for businesses desiring to showcase and share their company vision, what makes their company stand out, and rally Instagram’s massive user base towards their business. Partnering with creators or influencers can greatly help magnify your Instagram brand showcase and present messaging in a way that resonates with an influencer’s untapped audiences.
  • Effective contests/giveaways. Contests and giveaways (rewarding customers for interacting or sharing/generating buzz for your brand) is great with a large follower base. However, if a brand is new to Instagram or has a relatively small fanbase, running a successful contest can be a challenge. This is where partnering with a top Instagram influencer can significantly contribute to your Instagram marketing strategy and generate the numbers needed for a successful marketing campaign.

For a complete 10-step strategy on how to grow your business with influencers, download our free PDF whitepaper guide here

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