Measuring Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

How To Measure Snapchat Marketing Campaigns With Snapchatter Screenshots

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How To Best Measure Snapchat Marketing Campaigns

As a thriving newcomer to the world’s most popular social media apps, Snapchat has enjoyed much success from both a user adoption standpoint (between 100 and 200 million monthly active users) and the brands who have taken to the platform (including these 50 brands here) to execute their own Snapchat marketing campaigns. While Snapchat does offer native advertising options (see here for our explainer article on Native Advertising vs. Sponsored Content vs. Influencer Marketing), its adjoining hefty price tags (with some sources citing $750,000 per day for an ephemeral ad) coupled with its lack of marketing data has many brands and advertisers strategizing on how best to measure Snapchat marketing campaign success.

Without concrete analytics and data direct from Snapchat, brands and advertisers are partnering with top Snapchatters not only to leverage their targeted, vast platform followers, and audience engagement, but also to measure each Snapchat marketing campaign. Unlike other popular platforms and social channels where marketers can (more) easily quantify campaign data, accurately assessing a Snapchat marketing campaign requires brands to collaborate with Snapchatters beyond campaign creation and execution: many Snapchatters are now required to properly document their campaign success (WSJ).

Many brands eager to target Snapchat’s vast millennial audience and creatively engage millions in an unsaturated, untapped market are willing to forgo customary (and oftentimes extensive) metric documentation that’s standard for other popular social media marketing platforms. When it comes to assessing both reach and engagement with top Snapchat influencers, here are the metrics available and how best to measure a sponsored Snapchat marketing campaign:

Best Snapchat Marketing Campaign Metrics To Track And Measure

Unlike many popular platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, marketers are unable to see common traffic and engagement metrics including likes, views, and comments. In order to see views and video length much less Snapchat campaign execution (the actual “snap”), brand and advertisers must work with the Snapchatters who are part of the sponsored Snapchat campaign to verify key marketing metrics.

  • Number of Snapchats – brands can verify the total number of Snaps each Snapchatter has posted for a sponsored campaign.
  • Snapchat View Count – throughout each campaign, each Snapchatter can track their view count with screenshots of their Snap. To ascertain the total number of views of a campaign, the Snapchatter must screenshot prior to 24 hours of launch.
  • Video & Video Length – Snapchat does allow the user to download either individual Snaps posted to “My Story” or their entire Story for the past 24 hours. With this feature, brands can ascertain video length and video of the Snapchatters completed campaign.

At this point, brands and marketers have created dedicated Snapchat marketing campaign landing pages, like ShopStyle’s Snapchat campaign with top fashion bloggers, to best track dedicated Snapchat campaign traffic (albeit a cumbersome process) from Snap URL captions or chats.

How To Measure Snapchatter Marketing Campaigns With Screenshots

Snapchatters To Measure Snapchat Marketing Campaigns With Own Screenshots

In order to best track and measure the aforementioned Snapchat metrics, brands need to set forth clear requirements alongside each Snapchatter. As mentioned in WSJ’s article “On Snapchat, Brands Trust Influencers, But Verify Only With Screenshots,” precisely documenting each Snapchat marketing campaign can present several challenges. Emergencies, waning battery life, and lack of service all are potential obstacles that may prevent Snapchatters from properly capturing campaign metrics.

With Snapchat marketing campaigns, perhaps it’s safe to say that brands looking to market on this millennial app favorite will not only need to trust each Snapchatter with just content creation best suited for their audience but also precise documentation of each campaign to provide key performance metrics.

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