How To Find Snapchat Influencers

How To Find Snapchat Influencers For Snapchat Marketing Campaign

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How To Find Snapchat Influencers For Your Brand

Earlier this year, entrepreneur and media expert Gary Vaynerchuk declared 2016 “the year of Snapchat,” citing consumer attention and the app’s ability to capture authentic moments as the reason why brands “need to be thinking about Snapchat as a channel to grow [their] customer bases.” With an estimated 200 million daily active users and a newly-minted partnership with Nielsen bolstering the platform’s aptitude for measuring audience engagement, Snapchat is fast-becoming the marketing channel of choice for today’s top brands, though many companies still find the process of identifying Snapchat influencers to work with a time-consuming and arduous one.

To help brands find the right “Snapchatters” for their influencer marketing campaigns and collaborations, we’ve formulated a simple, step-by-step process designed to streamline influencer outreach and result in creative, targeted, high-ROI marketing campaigns.

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The Growth Of Snapchat & Snapchat Influencers As A Marketing Channel

Snapchat has come a long way since its days as a niche messaging app used by only a handful of tech-savvy teens. Today, over 60% of young U.S. social media users (ages 13–38) are on Snapchat and, according to Forbes’ Paul Armstrong, 50% of new Snapchat users are over the age of 25. This demographic shift should send a clear message to marketers: Snapchat is growing up, and the platform’s audience is growing with it.

While Snapchat’s “Discovery” feature, branded geofilters, and other fledgling native advertising offerings have made it slightly easier for companies to market to Snapchat’s massive, attentive audiences, collaborating with the app’s top social media influencers (whose millions of followers obsessively check in to see top Snapchatters’ Stories each day) remains the best way for brands to target interested demographics and expand the reach of brand-sponsored content or brand messaging to countless young, and increasingly not-so-young, consumers.

4 Steps To Finding Top Snapchat Influencers

By following these simple steps, brands can identify and reach out to Snapchatters for influencer marketing collaborations.

1. Identify Interest Categories For Your Brand

Before attempting to contact social media influencers for an influencer marketing collaboration or campaign, brands should have a firm understanding of their target demographics and what interests their consumers. By first identifying their target interest categories (e.g. fitness, fashion, travel, cooking, decorating, etc.), brands will have an easier time finding Snapchat influencers that speak to the values, goals, and concerns of their customers.

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2. Target Social Media Influencers Who Align With These Interests

Once a target categories (or several categories) has been identified, brands need to locate top social media influencersYouTubers, Instagrammers, Viners, bloggers, vloggers, etc.—that align with these interests and will appeal to a business’ target demographic(s). Because Snapchat lacks a way to search for popular accounts or to discover new Snapchatters within a specific category, it’s typically easier for brands to find social media stars on other platforms first before seeking out a digital star’s Snapchat handle (i.e. their username). Social media influencers from other platforms who are active on Snapchat, will often have a large audience that’s followed them on Snapchat as well.

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3. Discover Influencers’ Snapchat Channels

After the right social media influencer(s) has been chosen, companies can perform a simple Google search to find an influencer’s Snapchat handle or find lists of “top Snapchat influencers” via online searches. Often, Instagrammers, YouTubers, Viners, and bloggers will include their Snapchat handle in the biographies or “About” pages on other social media platforms, as well.

4. Call In The Experts

Identifying top Snacphatters can be a difficult process, especially given that Snapchat lacks “discovery” tools or any way to search for users within the app itself. For many brands, partnering with an experienced influencer marketing agency (and thus gaining access to the firm’s expertise and leveraging the relationships they’ve developed with Snapchatters launching Snapchat marketing campaigns) can significantly reduce the time and resources needed to find Snapchat influencers for upcoming Snapchat Takeovers, Snapchat product placements, and other high-reach influencer marketing campaigns.

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