How To Do A Giveaway On Instagram: A Quick Marketer's Guide

how to do a giveaway on Instagram
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How To Do A Giveaway On Instagram: Strategies, Examples & More

Social media giveaways are an excellent way for brands to increase their online following, promote the release of a new product, or boost positive brand sentiment. Giveaways encourage users to interact with a brand and thus foster an ongoing relationship with consumers.

Instagram in particular is a great platform for giveaways. Marketers can easily utilize tools like hashtags to increase the discoverability of a giveaway, and influencers can also be used to spread the word and reach a diverse group of potential participants.

Here we’ll break down how to do a giveaway on Instagram and how to leverage influencers for giveaway success. We’ll also provide a few top Instagram giveaway examples to inspire your next social media giveaway.  

How To Do A Giveaway On Instagram: Tips For Success

Tip 1: Define Your Goals

Marketers should start by considering why they are running an Instagram giveaway. Is the goal to advertise a specific product, drive follower growth, or increase user engagement? There are many different types of Instagram giveaways and each can assist in the pursuit of different goals.

Tip 2: Set Clear Guidelines

To avoid potential giveaway catastrophe, brands should set clear giveaway guidelines for themselves and participants. The giveaway prize(s), number of winners, and contest duration should be clearly defined before a giveaway begins.

In a post commencing the giveaway, marketers should clearly and concisely tell users what steps they need to take to successfully enter the contest. Users should also be told when the giveaway ends and be given a link to an official list of rules and guidelines on the brand’s website.

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Tip 3: Keep Participants Well Informed

Brands should also keep participants well informed. Once a giveaway is completed a brand should publish a post thanking users for participating and announcing the winner.

Furthermore, in the case that the giveaway is a photo contest, the brand should clearly explain why a particular user won. This level of transparency will ensure that participants are unlikely to feel cheated or left in the dark in any way.

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The Different Types Of Instagram Giveaways

Like and Follow — This is an Instagram giveaway in which users must follow a brand’s Instagram account and like an official giveaway post in order to be entered to win.

If a marketer is looking to increase social media followers and online engagement the like and follow method is a great choice.

Tag Your Friend(s) — In this type of giveaway, a user must follow a brand’s Instagram account and tag a set number of friends in the comment section of a giveaway post to enter. The stipulation that users must tag multiple friends exposes a brand to consumers that might not be aware of its products.

Additionally, tagged users are informed of the brand through a friend, which is more powerful than the endorsement of a stranger.

Photo Contest — A  photo contest is an Instagram giveaway in which users must post an original photo or video alongside a unifying contest hashtag to qualify.

More so than other Instagram giveaways, a photo contest increases buzz around a giveaway and populates Instagram with content associated with a brand. The act of creating an original post is also a more meaningful brand interaction than liking or commenting on a post.

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How To Do A Giveaway On Instagram With Social Media Influencers

As social media users with large followings, influencers are well equipped to promote an Instagram giveaway or run an Instagram giveaway for a brand.

Influencers can help brands target specific audiences that are likely to be interested in a giveaway, and can encourage widespread participation. Additionally, audiences may appreciate that an influencer is bringing the opportunity to win something for free to their attention.

Similar to selecting influencers for a sponsored Instagram ad campaign, brands should carefully vet influencers to promote or run their giveaway.

An influencer should be a logical fit with the brand’s message and products, receive strong engagement, and maintain considerable social media reach. For more detailed information on how to do a giveaway on Instagram with influencers, see our post “How To Run A Social Media Giveaway With Influencers.

Instagram Giveaway Examples From Dunkin’ Donuts, L’Occitane, & More

Dunkin’ Donuts “DD Coffee Joy” Photo Contest

how to do a giveaway on instagram dunkin donuts

To advertise its donuts and coffee during the holiday season, Dunkin’ Donuts runs a “DD Coffee Joy” Instagram photo contest each winter. Users are instructed to post an Instagram photo capturing their favorite holiday moment with Dunkin’ Donuts using the hashtag #DDCoffeeJoySweepstakes. The creator of the winning photo each year receives a year’s worth of Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee, among other prizes.

The photo contest primarily serves to populate Instagram with user-generated content that features Dunkin Donuts and to foster positive brand sentiment. In 2016, the contest resulted in 410 user-generated posts with the hashtag #DDCoffeeJoySweepstakes, up from the previous year’s contest which garnered 329 original posts with the hashtag #DDCoffeeJoy.

L’Occitane and Rifle Paper Co. Instagram Giveaway

l'occitane instagram giveaway post

To promote its recent product collaboration with the stationery brand, Rifle Paper Co.L’Occitane ran a joint Instagram giveaway on its official Instagram account. Users were instructed to follow both brands on Instagram and like the giveaway photo in order to be entered.

The photo posted by L’Occitane included all the items that the giveaway winner would receive. The giveaway primarily to drive follower growth for both brands while simultaneously raising awareness around the new product line.

Tiffany Acevedo Giveaway In Partnership With RXBAR

nourishedbykale instagram giveaway

Health influencer Tiffany Acevedo recently ran an Instagram giveaway in collaboration with RXBAR, a popular protein bar that’s known for having four ingredients or less per bar. The winner of the giveaway received a selection of clothing, a box of bars, and a SoulCycle gift card.

To qualify, users were told to follow both Acevedo and RXBAR on Instagram, tag two friends in the post’s comment section, and comment their favorite RXBAR flavor.

As an influencer best known for her healthy lifestyle and food recommendations, Acevedo is well aligned with RXBAR’s target audience.

The contest served to generate brand awareness around RXBAR and boost Acevedo’s social media engagement. Furthermore, the rule of tagging two friends also expanded the contest’s reach to a wider group of Instagram users.