The 4 Critical Steps To Building Positive Influencer Relationships

how to build influencer relationships
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Marketer’s Guide: How To Build Influencer Relationships That Drive Results

Strong relationships between businesses and influencers are central to successful influencer marketing campaigns. For brands, building and nurturing these relationships requires an in-depth understanding of both the influencer marketing space and campaign best practices.

There are several ways brands can work with influencers, including paid and unpaid sponsorships, as all as through event PR.

Paid – Influencers are most often paid a flat fee for a sponsored post or campaign, but can also be paid per click or per acquisition.

Unpaid – Some influencers don’t require monetary compensation for their promotional services, and instead, opt to accept travel, free product, or other perks as payment.

Event PR – Experiences such as BeautyCon, Revolve at the Hamptons, etc. have a certain exclusive appeal and “coolness factor” that can be mutually beneficial for brands and influencers to partner on.

Below, we offer a quick guide to help brands establish, manage, and maintain their influencer relationships.

1. Select Influencers That Naturally Align With Your Brand

One of the keys to a fruitful relationship between brands and influencers is ensuring that the two are a proper match for each other. A short list of questions businesses might contemplate when selecting an influencer include:

  • Is the influencer’s online persona a good “fit” for the brand?
  • Does the influencer have the optimal audience demographics for the brand and/or campaign?
  • Is the influencer reputable, or do they engage in practices such as purchasing fake followers or engagement?
  • Is the influencer collaborative and easy to work with?
  • Does the influencer have a proven track record of executing successful campaigns?

If the influencer doesn’t naturally align with the brand, it could result in content that feels forced and inorganic. Additionally, if the influencer and brand don’t have a good rapport, it can make campaigns difficult and spurious, leading to disappointing results.

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2. Create & Maintain A Dialogue

Interacting with influencers is key to building positive relationships. Like, comment, and share influencer posts.

Every influencer marketing campaign is a unique undertaking. For this reason, brands need to maintain frequent communication with influencers in order to give influencers the resources and tools they need. From strategy to content creation, to scheduling, an open dialogue is vital throughout the entire process.

Many influencers are master marketers, but even the most organized and savvy can sometimes make mistakes. Influencer marketing agencies monitor and manage campaigns from creative conception to reporting on final results, ensuring that all aspects are executed properly.

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3. Set Clear Expectations And Achievable Goals

Having a mutual understanding of the expectations and goals for a relationship and/or campaign is paramount. From general considerations like terms and compensation to more nuanced campaign elements like hashtag preferences and cross-posting obligations, there’s a wide range of details for brands and influencers to agree upon.

Having clear expectations and amenable goals is imperative to positive influencer relationships and impactful influencer marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing agencies are adept at running successful campaigns and can help brands and influencers to establish mutual, achievable goals, as well as create agreements to ensure all parties are on the same page.

3. Plan Ahead

Due to its personable and organic nature, it’s sometimes assumed that influencer content is a spur of the moment enterprise. However, failing to plan ahead can lead to stress and confusion, and can damage relationships with influencers.

After the goals of the partnership have been established, it’s important for brands and influencers to work together to plan the execution of the campaign.

From creative briefs to content creation and approval, to post scheduling, there are a host of factors to consider and strategize around. Mindful planning can yield higher campaign results and make working relationships between brands and influencers more cooperative and enjoyable.

4. Give Influencers Creative License

Influencers are creatives who have a specific voice and style. In fact, their individual personas are often what’s propelled their popularity on social media. As a result, the top influencers have an intimate understanding of what type of content and messaging their audience will enjoy and engage with.

Businesses often have promotional ideas and input for their influencer marketing campaigns. However, applying too much creative control can negatively impact a brand’s relationship with an influencer, or even an influencer’s relationship with their followers.

Businesses are wise to ensure that their branding, legal bases, and key messaging points are covered, but influencers deliver the most authentic sponsored messaging when they’re afforded the freedom to create.

Why Influencer Relationships Matter

Having positive influencer relationships is important not only for creating and executing successful campaigns, but also for building a brand’s reputation and future within the influencer marketing space.

While it may be tempting for businesses to allocate funds and quickly move forward with a campaign, influencer marketing should be treated as more than just another line item in an advertising budget.

With real people and personalities acting as advocates for brands, influencer marketing demands a higher level of attention and personalization than traditional digital ad buys.

For businesses looking for advice and assistance, a qualified influencer marketing agency can help with all aspects of establishing and cultivating positive influencer relationships.