How Masterminds Movie Partners With Top Social Media Stars

Masterminds Movie Marketing Social Media Stars

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How The Movie Masterminds Leveraged The Power Of Social Media Stars

To promote their upcoming heist comedy Masterminds on social media, production studio Relativity Media created two social media marketing campaigns around the film’s $17 million bank robbery plotline. By partnering with some of the world’s biggest social media influencers to promote the film’s release, Masterminds‘ was able to generate excitement and reach millions of viewers among the movie’s target audience.

Masterminds’ Official Trailer via Relativity Media’ YouTube Channel 

A Closer Look At Masterminds‘ Influencer Marketing Strategy

For Masterminds‘ first social media campaign, the film collaborated with a handful of the internet’s biggest social media stars to produce content around the hashtag #mastermindsmakeitrainchallenge. The campaign was conceptualized as a contest in which each digital influencer would challenge another to try and “make it rain harder” (i.e. throw money in the air) with predictably hilarious results:

Amanda Cerny
Christian Delgrosso
Brittany Furlan
Curtis Lepore

Masterminds‘ #StupidRich Hashtag Campaign Drives Audience Engagement

For the film’s second influencer marketing campaign, Masterminds enlisted dozens of digital influencers to create photos of themselves surrounded by gratuitous amounts of something they love, be it licorice, shoes, macarons, or yoga pants. The creative nature of the campaign has inspired ordinary users to post their own photos of what they are #stupidrich in—to date, the branded hashtag has generated nearly 2,000 pieces of content.

Natalie Seth
Somer Hollingsworth
Kylan Fischer
Gabriela Bandy

Madison Payne

Why Hollywood Entertainment Is Advertising With Social Media Stars

With over half a billion monthly active users, Facebook’s Instagram is a top social media platform offering brands and advertisers one of the highest levels of audience engagement, views, shares, and reach. While running TV ads featuring each movie’s top stars may have been successful in the past, dwindling TV viewership across most demographics is making it increasingly difficult for traditional media to reach audiences who are now spending vast amounts of time each day across various social media channels, apps, and networks. In order to successfully reach these audiences on social, Hollywood brands and media companies are realizing the importance of partnering with social media stars as they

In order to successfully reach these audiences on social, Hollywood brands and media companies are realizing the importance of partnering with social media stars as they engage millions every day by sharing, “Snapping,” or vlogging their latest finds, loves, lives, and more. With the exception of a few, most traditional Hollywood stars seldom post regularly nor do they maintain active social channels or followings. As such, partnering with the right social media stars (influencers who do maintain active followings built from engaging content) enables brands and films like Mastermind to reach massive audiences on social oftentimes with creative plot-related angles that drive awareness and interest to the feature movie.

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