How Many People Use Vero? Users, Growth, History

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Vero Is Taking The Internet By Storm. Here’s What You Should Know About The Hottest New Social Media App:

Vero is a social media app launched in 2015. Though the app isn’t brand new, its popularity has exploded within the past week, with many heralding it as the next Instagram and a major challenger to today’s top social media platforms.

In December 2015, just six months after it’s launch, the app ranked as high as 45th on the Apple App Store, but quickly fell. Over two years later, during the week of February 19, 2018, the app climbed from #566 to #1 on the Apple app store in a matter of days.

In this post, we’ll break down exactly how many users Vero has, how it differs from other social platforms, and the major players already on the app.

How Many People Use Vero?

UPDATED March 1, 2018  — According to a Barron’s article, Vero has now surpassed nearly three million users, tripling its user base in just 24 hours.

An announcement on Vero’s website states that the app has surpassed one million users.

Within the past week, the app’s growth has exploded. Earlier this week, Mashable reported that the app was on track to add more than 500,000 users in 24 hours, exclusively on iOS within the US.

Originally, Vero’s website stated that the app would only be free for life to its first one million users. However, due to high demand, the company has extended that offer to all new users until further notice. According to the same announcement, Vero will confirm the start date and subscription price soon.

Who are all of the users excitedly registering for Vero? According to Business Insider, the app is most popular with Millennials, with half of its users falling between the ages of 21 and 40.

Due to the spike in app downloads, the platform is currently experiencing technical difficulties. The reasons for Vero’s rapid growth in popularity are unknown, but over 530,000 Instagram posts use the tag #vero, suggesting that Instagram may have played a large role in Vero’s increasing relevance.

What Is Vero? 

Vero is a social media application available on iOS and Android with similar functions to Instagram and Facebook. Users have the ability to share:

  • Photos and videos — Users can share photos and videos on the platform as well as mini photo albums. Editing tools and filters are also available.
  • Links — Users can link to their favorite content, including articles, videos, and websites.
  • Music — Users can listen to a song preview directly through their friends’ posts. They can also listen to entire song using Apple Music, without leaving the Vero app.
  • Movies — Users can share their favorite movies with friends by including trailers within posts.
  • Books — Users can share the books they’re currently reading as well as their all-time favorite books with friends.
  • Places — Users can explore destinations around the world through photo posts.

vero social media app recommend function

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How Does Vero Differ From Other Social Media Apps?

Vero differentiates itself from social media channels like Instagram and Facebook by claiming to be a better, more authentic alternative. The company’s manifesto includes statements like, “Most social networks reduce everyone to a friend or a follower. This encourages us to only share the parts of our lives we think are the most interesting.”

Vero aims to mirror real-world relationships in an online platform, including personal features like distinctions between “close friends,” “friends” and “acquaintances,” and excluding impersonal features like data mining and advertising. The name “Vero” means “true” in Italian, which reflects its aim to create a more authentic social network.

Vero differs from other social media platforms in four key ways:

1. Ad-free: Instead of trading personal data for access, users pay an annual subscription fee (amount to be determined) so that the app doesn’t need to serve advertisements in order to make money.

2. Reverse chronological feed: Vero organizes content reverse chronologically (new to old). Unlike Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, which all use algorithms to sort and order content, Vero displays content in the order it was posted.

3. No user data mining: Vero does not mine user data, making it attractive in terms of online privacy; the only user information that Vero collects is phone number, name, and email address.

4. Audience selection: The main difference that sets Vero apart from its competitors is the ability to select an audience for posts. A Vero user can categorize their connections on the app as either a close friend, friend, acquaintance or follower. This classification is private, meaning that the user’s connections won’t know what status the user assigns to their relationship. This feature allows users to control the content they share and which of their connections see it.

Who’s Already On Vero?

There are already a number of notable influencers taking advantage of the features Vero has to offer. Musical artist Charli XCX uses Vero as a way to “communicate in a natural, unfiltered way with her most passionate fans (her ‘Angels’).” One way she is connecting with fans on Vero is by posting exclusive behind the scenes footage of her newest music video.

American filmmaker Max Joseph, who is known for his collaborations with influencer Casey Neistat, is also actively posting on Vero. Fellow filmmaker Zack Snyder joins him and has even made one of his short films available on the app. London-based filmmaker and actor Asim Chaudhry shared his first movie as a director exclusively on Vero.

Social media users across the board are following these influencers lead and abandoning their other social platforms for Vero.

Clay Enos Vero Tweet

Additionally, many users are leveraging other platforms to promote Vero and encourage others to join them.

travel with massi vero instagram

Many publishers have similarly made the leap and joined Vero. Most notably, both British GQ and production company DMC Film have registered accounts on the up-and-coming social network. According to Vero, GQ’s account will feature specially commissioned editorial content as well as music recommendations from the magazine’s editors — as well as some high-profile names – which users can listen to without leaving the app thanks to Vero’s unique integration with Apple Music.

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The Future Of Vero

Judging by its features, its quick growth, and its notable users, Vero is on the fast track to success. As the app continues to grow, it will be interesting to see whether the social platform lives up to its hype.

Joining is easy, and the experience Vero offers aims to replicate real-world relationships. If this venture proves successful, it will provide yet another channel for influencers to publish content, and could even revolutionize the way consumers think and act on social media.

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