How Brands Are Working With ASMR YouTube Channels

How Brands Are Working With ASMR YouTubers Channels

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See How Brands Are Working With ASMR YouTubers

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is one of the most intriguing current YouTube phenomenons. This new and unique relaxation method uses audio and visual sensations to act as “triggers” in order calm and soothe listeners (The Atlantic). It is, in other words, a sensory experience that causes a feeling of bodily “tingles” using a variety of auditory methods. 

With growing numbers of ASMR channels holding thousands of YouTube subscribers, “ASMRtist” video creators have consistently risen in popularity since its origin in 2010 (ASMR University). Though ASMR sometimes appeals to niched and specific audiences, it maintains an enthusiastic, dedicated, and vibrant online community. Indeed, it represents a new opportunity for brands to reach a new audience through social influencers.

Why Brands Are Getting Into ASMR

ASMR’s fast-growing following has encouraged numerous brands to reach out to ASMRtists for sponsorships. ASMRtist will also team up with brands that have products that can be used in their videos.

Cosmetics and fashion brands such as Anjou Naturals and Vanity Planet, for instance, have collaborated with some of the biggest ASMR stars. Infinite Tea and MONQ, which specialize in relaxation agents and soothing products, have found it beneficial to work with ASMRtists. In these videos, ASMRtists product integrations have been leveraged to create “trigger sounds,” aid in role play, and be used for other unique physical sensations.

Finally, many ASMRtists collaborate with brands to sponsor products that they enjoy and believe in themselves. Gaming brands such as Amino App and Best Fiends have partnered with top ASMRtists such as LilyWhispers and GwenGwiz.

ASMR, Types Of ASMR Sponsorships, & Influencer Marketing

As ASMR is a relatively newer field (with increasingly more ASMR-focused YouTube channels), reach and the types of ASMR sponsorships available or ways to make money with ASMR video content is evolving. Presently, there are three chief ways to make money as an ASMRtist (outlined below). Additionally, many ASMRtists ask for donations through PayPal or Patreon in support of their videos.

  1. Affiliate Sponsorships—brands have little to no say on how ASMRtists or social media influencers create, message, or promote with a brand’s affiliate links and programs. While affiliate programs vary, influencers are oftentimes paid for driving traffic towards landing pages and/or a percentage of sales. For more detailed information, see our explainer post on affiliate sponsorships vs. sponsored placements or sponsored content with influencers. Ex.: GentleWhispering’s Auto ASMR video—links in video description are Amazon affiliate links.
  2. Marketplace bids—as ASMR audiences and channels are growing, many smaller channels opt to sign up on influencer marketing platforms (e.g. FameBit). Platforms can vary widely in terms of tools, influencers, and software-based services, but most offer a marketplace where brands can post a campaign and solicit influencer participation for a set fee.
  3. Sponsored content deals—brands seeking to launch creative and strategic marketing initiatives across multiple social media apps/networks oftentimes work closely with an influencer marketing agency to ensure campaigns are managed properly from start to finish. Experienced influencer marketing agencies who have executed thousands of campaigns across YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, blogs, Facebook, and other emerging and in-demand social channels are able to offer brands targeted insight on influencers beyond vanity metrics and publicly available data to help craft the best possible sponsored content with influencers.

Brands That Are Partnering With ASMRtists

Brands from varying industries are coming to ASMR social influencers to promote their products or services. We’ve broken down some of the best examples of ASMR brand sponsorships:

Lily Whispers ASMR

Lily Whispers ASMR uses her soft-spoken videos in a haul-style and product review video for OurMall. In this video, she unwraps new products and provides a visual and auditory experience for her audience, which includes brushing her fingers on sponsored products and tapping on them with her fingernails.


YouTube channel fastASMR demonstrates wooden headphones by MEZE in a show and tell video. She uses a soft voice and promotes a product that is likely to be a hit with an ASMR audience who.

Massage Psychetruth

ASMRtist Massage Psychetruth also does an outstanding promotion for Satin Lined Caps in her video “My Curly Hair Secrets.” In a relaxing fashion, Massage Psychetruth gives an overwhelmingly positive personal review of the product, and recommends it to her viewers as “a tool of the trade.” Like Castille Soaps, Satin Lined Cap’s target audience overlaps with the ASMR viewership, which makes Massage Psychetruth’s promotion extremely effective.

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